Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday's Bike Ride

I have so many awesome pictures but our home laptop does not have a photo program to compress them so I am stuck waiting until Tuesday when I return to work to post them. I took the mountain bike out to the park again today, did some great trail rides, then met Todd for some tour training and dinner.

Ended up at just over 50 miles for the day and I am 12 miles short of 900 for the month. Do I stupidly take the bike out for 1 hour tomorrow just to hit 900 or do I take my original plan and just run and call it a day? Only tomorrow will tell but I am thinking a run is on tap and then relax time.

Two fun times on the bike today. I unclip, lean right (not far enough), tilt left, and tumble into some trees the first time. Good thing the trees were there or I was rolling about 20 feet down further. Second one same scenario but it did not involve trees and I did not become unclipped from the bike so I ended up laying on the side hill with my straight up in the air attached to my foot. I was dying of laughter on this one, then I unclipped, held the bike by the seat, stood up, and dragged the bike up to the trail by the seat. Unreal. The worst part was no one was there to see it or take pictures!

Happy Memorial Day :)

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MrDaveyGie said...

Knowing me, I would probably do the 12 miles. :-)