Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Walk to the Car

The sky yesterday was amazing over the lake.  I loved the lighting!!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Added Ways to get Bicycle Time

I am contemplating ways I can get riding time in besides commuting and riding around the neighborhood.  The wife won't let me buy a trailer for my bike to grocery shop with so I am contemplating rigging up my Single Speed Mountain Bike to a grocery cart.  I should have thought of that when the kids where younger because I could have put a helmet on one of them and taken them with me!

I really don't like mowing the lawn, but I love riding my bicycle.  Maybe this would solve the quandary.  The kids want a riding mower and I could tell them this is a riding mower so go get 'em.  Do you think it will work?

I cannot believe October is almost over and that means snow is just around the corner - YEAH!

Funny side note - I looked on Facebook today and it said it is my mother's birthday today.  I always thought it was the 28th but FB says the 27th so it must be official.  Either way - Happy Birthday Mom!!!  Even if it is tomorrow I doubt I will be posting another blog so we will make it official today.

Have a great day and get out there and ride your bike!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Little Fall Riding

This is from all the rain we have had this fall
Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It has been a very wet and windy fall in Western New York and I snuck out for a ride to my favorite destination - Sprague Brook.  I am excited about the winter and skiing out there and all other winter activities.  I think my body is ready for a change of seasons and different training because it has all been a struggle lately!

Sunshine trying to break through
I put myself in a pickle though - I have been doing my not ride the same road that I have been on already thing this fall and as I was leaving the park I thought - hmmmmmmm I have never left the park any other way.  So I made a left instead of a right and headed off into the unknown.

Next year I am getting a local road map and I am going to highlight all the roads I ride and see how many I cover in Southern Erie County.  Somehow I don't think it will be as many as I think.

Leaves are almost all gone
Well the leaves are almost all gone.  That means time for the snow to start falling and time to get some new training in. 

Have a great day and get out there and ride your bike!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Busting of out IBWS

Ahhh - Fall in Western New York

The weather since my ride last Saturday has been horrible.  So for all of those that are worried the IBWS disease that I had was (I)rritable (B)uffalo (W)eather (S)yndrome.  It rained all week long and I finally got on my bike yesterday.

So what happens yesterday - the winds are about 20-25mph gusts all the way home - talk about wiping you out.  But when you have scenery like this it makes it all good.

My Neighborhood
I rode in the country all day today and I started a new game.  I cannot get on any part of the route that I have already ridden that day.  So I leave one way and the only way home is a big hill but that is good, I got to stop at a LBS just before to pick up some new brake housing/cable for a switcheroo I am doing.

My Felt Breed is going to be wearing my Woodchippers and my Bianchi MUSS is going back to a flat bar with bar ends as well in preparation of selling her.  They are all cabled up and now I just need some tape for the Woodchippers and my Breed will be rideable again!

I love my country home (no this is not mine)
This reminded me of Iowa and was on a new road I have not ridden before.  Next year I am getting a local road map and highlighting all the roads I ride each year just to track it for fun.

Have a great weekend and get out there and enjoy the Fall!!!