Friday, December 19, 2008

Snowshoeing and Snowbiking

Well it is here! We got about 8" of snow today and I was out snowshoeing (painfully I might add :) ) and then I had the bike out the last 2 days also. I feel like taking it out again but I don't think Jane will be too hip with that so I am going to take it easy and let the legs rest.

I wish I brought my camera home from work so that I could take some pictures and post them but I forgot! Maybe next week I can get some good pictures for this blog!

I am doing some maintenance on the bike right now. I want to keep it running smooth this winter even thought it is going to get salt and grime all over it. I think I will take it to the shower and give it a good once over!

You guys have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful weather!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


This is my first rant in this blog so I figured it might as well be about the weather.

So we have had some awesome snow falling this early in the year and then we get this disgusting heavy rain that ruins the good base for snowshoeing and cross country skiing!!! And I am not very happy about it either!

Then yesterday I get to go to Houston, TX for 1 day and it is 43 degrees there. Now I don't mind 43 degrees in Buffalo (especially if it is not raining) but when I travel for 20 hours in 1 day I would like to see the sunshine and be able to enjoy being outside without a coat on!

Now it is snowing again and we are supposed to get some heavy snow this weekend also. I hope the rain stays away because my sister is coming to town the week after Christmas and I would like to do some skiing or snowshoeing with her.

Training is progressing for the snowshoe marathon and TransIowa. Just working on building up the base to be able to complete both and will look to competing in both next year with more speed over that type of distance and time!

This is all about the journey to the destination right now. What that destination is? I will let you know when I figure it out!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year if I don't post again!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Training Has Begun In Ernest

Well this weekend the training has really begun for both the snowshoe marathon and TransIowa.
Yesterday I did a 4 mile snowshoe run then took the mountain bike out in the afternoon during a lovely lake effect snow storm and got in a little more than 1 1/2 hours ride time. I bit it hard in the park on some ice on the road but all was good.

Today I was going to do some cross country skiing but Jane was having a party and I felt I should help her out so I did a workout after Jake's basketball game (which he was the star of :) ) and did my interval walk, 3/4 mile swim, and 26 mile mountain bike ride home from the Y. I was pushing the Felt with low tire pressure so it was pretty slow and high effort but it was fun. The legs are sore tonight and I have a long run scheduled tomorrow. Need to figure out if I am doing it on snowshoes or the road - somehow I think snowshoes will win out in the end.

Have a great weekend.

BTW - I got sponsored by Brooks so look for more information on that coming up real soon!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Trans Iowa Version 5

Well I made it into the Trans Iowa Version 5. The race is scheduled for May 2nd-3rd. My goal is to complete the race in the alloted time but a set distance and time has not been determined yet. I am also registered for a Snowshoe Marathon the first week of March in Vermont.

What does all of this mean - A lot of a variety of training. I started snowshoe running, did some cross country skiing this weekend at Sprague Brook Park, will continue to work on my upper body strength, and keep at building my endurance base on the bike and running.

My main concern is overtraining leading to an injury so I need to listen to my body and take it easy when necessary!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well it is official - I am in for the 2009 TransIowa Version 5.

Here is the link to the blog for the event:

So what exactly does this mean? It means a lot of biking to be sure coming up this winter. Coupled with the snowshoe marathon in March this will be a full winter of training! The marathon plan is simple. Just follow the marathon plan I did last year, but incorporate runs on snowshoes to get stronger. I know the biking I will be doing will help with the snowshoeing as well so that will be good cross-training.

I am still going to get in the pool and work on my swimming, but running and riding will be main focus for the next 6 months.

My next goal is to decide which bike will work the best for me in the future. I need a mix for road (selling the Cannondale), commuting (selling the Bianchi and Raleigh), cyclo-cross racing, triathlons, and endurance events. Sounds like a daunting exercise but I know the perfect bike is out there - just have to find it, get the finances together, and make the motion!

If you have any suggestions please let me know!

Friday, September 5, 2008

100 MTB Race

Well this Sunday I am contemplating a little jaunt through some neighboring counties in the Western New York area.

presents the 3rd annual...Humbler

It should be interesting to say the least. More to follow on it after the race itself occurs on Sunday!

So I am in the process of increasing my running mileage in preperation for The Philadelphia Marathon on Thanksgiving weekend. I am probably late in the season for doing this race managably, but I know I can finish it, I just want to finish it in under 4 hours. I want to see a 3 for the hour when I go under the finish line! It will be my 3rd marathon (or longer) this year which I feel really good about since I have been injury free all year long. Hopefully I make it through this race in the same state as I enter it - injury free and really looking forward to some 50K, 50 Milers and maybe a 100 miler next year. The ultimate lead up to the Umstead 100 in 2010.

My sister and I are contemplating the Leadville 100 as well in 2010 or 2011. All this training will make that less painful than it is going to be hopefully. We will see how that plays out!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Moab, Utah - Mountain Bike Heaven

Well I got to spend 1 morning in Moab, Utah and I loved every second of it!

I rode Klondike Bluffs Trail and did some single track on baby steps trail. Had to do some hike a bike and wiped out a couple of times but hey it was worth every scratch, dirt bath, and drop of sweat that happened!

If you have never been to Moab and you love mountain biking - then you have to visit with your bike - you will not be disappointed.

Running is coming along and now it is time to hit it hard and start preparing for Philadelphia.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Completed first XTERRA

Sunday August 17th, 2008 - I got my A** kicked by a game called XTERRA. It was my first triathlon, however it will not be my last - even though I should be checked in to a mental home based on how I fared during the event itself.

So it starts with a 1500 meter (2 750 meter laps) lake swim. I will be the first to tell you that my swimming is as poor as it can be for someone attempting a triathlon. I was not the last out of the water, pretty close but not last. There was a lot of breaststroke and the freestyle needs a lot of work. There were no wetsuits available.

I get out of the water and am feeling good about the bike. So I take a GU, drink some water, and head out after changing. My biggest mistake was not having my camelback or taking any nutrition in besides the GU. I should have had a clifbar before I headed out of the lake area, but this was a good learning experience.

The bike ride was hell on wheels. It was very technical, much more so than I was prepared for. I did a lot of falling, walking, swearing, and crying (not really but I felt like it a couple of times :) ). Tree roots running at an angle to the trail are a pain and rock gardens when you are wasted are very dangerous. Another mistake made was having my tires too pumped up. I should have dropped some of the pressure out and it would have been better (A little not much more!). So 17 miles later and I am done with the bike and still have to hit a 5 mile trail run.

I was spent by the time I got off the bike. My legs cramped up in transition while I was trying to tie my shoes so I just left the right shoe untied and ran a while to loosen up. That worked and I tied my shoe down the road. Then came the uphill section and more cramping. Sat down for a couple of minutes, did some stretching, and drank some gatorade. The funniest part was that I felt stronger at the end of the run than I had since I got on the bike (This is where the nutrition/hydration part comes in because I was replacing some stuff with gatorade at least).

All in all I was very displeased with my performance. Would I do XTERRA again - in a heartbeat! Why - to prove to myself that I am stronger than the performance that I put in this date. It was a great learning experience, a great event, well organized, and the competitors were awesome to be around. The winners are studs!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Well it is mid-august already and the last time I posted was July 1st. We finished the kitchen project up so hopefully I will be able to do some more long runs and rides to discuss in this blog of mine :)

This weekend I am doing my first triathlon - XTERRA which is a swim, mountain bike ride, and trail run. I am really looking forward to it and hope all goes well (which means finishing!). I know I will be slow out of the water, but will hopefully make up a lot of ground on the bike and running.

Other than that, I am now training for the Philadelphia Marathon. So hopefully I will be able to get some more information down on how the runs are going, but I really hate giving up bicycle time right now. I am sure I can do both and not kill myself physically.

I will post a post-XTERRA report next week just to let you know how things went!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ride for Roswell

Well it was a rainy forecast and it was definitely a rainy day to start off!

It was pouring as we waited inside Alumni Area waiting for the start to happen and then it stopped raining so we began our 62.5 mile trek through northeast Erie county! It was a comfortable day for sure and the rest stops were well stocked so there was no chance of bonking going on!

We took a real easy pace the whole day. A couple of times I went off and did some hard riding, but it was about a low heart rate and keeping my zone in check. Around mile 45 I told Todd good thing we are heading south that storm looks pretty bad - boom!

We proceeded to get drenched for the next 5 miles or so. It was fun and actually enjoyable. Sort of like when you are a kid and you sneak outside to play in the rain. Well we had no one to yell at us for being wet so we stayed outside and got drenched!

Finished up, put the bikes up, got some good food and went home to nap. I was more tired than I thought I would be for some strange reason!

I love the aspect of the Ride for Roswell and hope to always be able to ride in it to support the cancer research center and give others hope. They always feed you great and provide a great atmosphere for a fun ride. Someday I might actually ride it hard just for a good workout as well!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trying to be more consistent with the writing

Well I snuck out of the house early today and went for an extended commute to work. I ended up just over 21 miles but could have done more if I would have realized how early it was. Oh well, gives me something to contemplate on future commutes.

The ride home last night was a lot better than any before. Climbing up Chestnut Ridge did not wipe me out and I felt good when I finished up!

I love riding this time of the year. Not too hot, no rain, and it is refreshing to be out on the road. I cannot believe just 4 months ago I was doing 40 to 50 miles in the snow, cold, and wind! Makes these days much more peaceful and relaxing!

Saturday is the Ride for Roswell - Doing 62.5 miles and I cannot wait to see how much different I feel this year compared to last year. I know we will be slower, but who cares it is a charity ride!

Sunday is the First Quakerman Sprint Tri in OP. I might sneak out and do it just for fun. Will run that one by on the homefront first though!

Time to start planning fun for Colorado and California next month. I love traveling to these places for work and being able to play around!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Catch Up Time

Well it has been a long time since I last posted in here so I thought I would do a quick catch up blog and then become more regular at posting in the future hopefully!

I bailed on the TransIowa due to good wisdom (first time for everything in life I guess). The weather was horrible and they called it after 145 miles do to safety issues. I plan on doing this ride at some point in the future, but this year just did not seem to work out and I was glad for it when I read all the reports!

I finished the BPAC 6 Hour Ultra Event - Ran 32.5 miles in just over 6 hours so I got credit for 31.5 miles. Felt great, met a lot of great people, and will definitely do more endurance events like that in the future!

Todd, Jeff, and I finished The Buffalo Marathon. Jeff was the fastest in around 3:51, I came in at 4:00:21, and Todd was at 4:10. Jeff smoked it and that was awesome. I had some problems around mile 21 and cramped up on the way in. Todd did as well. I will work on nutrition in the future and try to increase salt intake on days like this!

My next plan is Ride for Roswell June 28th - 62.5 miles - Finger Lakes 50K July 5th.

I am currently commuting to work on the Raliegh One Way as many days as the weather allows. It has been quite challenging especially the way home - headwind and uphill!

I promise to be more regular with my posts from here on out.

Also - Good luck to the Tour Divide and Great Divide Racers out there in the west right now!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Sunday February 24th Bike Ride - 47 Miles

Well I finally got out on the Bianchi again. Have been doing a lot of roller action lately because of the weather and wanted to hit the pavement badly!

I got 47 miles in and it was windier than I would have liked it to be. Headed down into Hamburg and out to Eden and then looped back around and headed for Springville. Made it just out of Springville and headed home because of time constraints. Now the deciding point was which hill to head up and I felt pretty good so I headed up the backside of Boston-Colden and Cole Road. This is a brutal climb on my Cannondale so you can imagine what it is like on the SS mountain bike. I took it easy and just watched my heart rate and made it up the hill no problem!

I want to hit lower east hill road next after a ride like that to see how it feels heading up that road again.

I have to watch my nutrition because I got shaky half way down to Springville and stopped for a Gatorade and Fig Newtons and pigged out on those. Felt a lot better, but it was colder than I thought it would be so I put another shirt on top of my layers for the final part home.

I wonder if that helped lead to me getting sick this week or if I was overdoing it a little.

Tomorrow is an 8 mile run and if I don't feel up to it - I am going to skip it! No big deal. I definitely have a good base in and 1 easy week will not kill me!

Saturday Feb 23rd Long Run - 13 Miles

Well we hit 13 miles on the training plan today. I have done it 3 times now plus 1 15so I felt confident but I wanted to work my heart rate and keep it as low as possible while still working in the 10:30 - 11:15 mpm rate. Jeff went out fast (like always!) and I stayed with him most of the way but then at the 9 mile point my h/r was going out of the zone I wanted to keep it in so I let him go ahead.

At 2 hours I decided it was time to push myself a little and did the last 15 minutes at a substantially higher heart rate but I passed Jeff and ended up doing the total in 2:14:44 or somewhere around there (been busy this week so I am posting on Friday for last week - hard to remember!)

The push felt good and it was nice to keep a high heart rate for that long, but I got sick this week and have only ran 1 day since Saturday. An easy recovery run. I am fine with that because I know I have the base. Just don't want to get sick right now!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday Long Slow Distance Bike Ride

Cancelled due to lack of sleep and just flat out being tired from yesterday. Will have to work to make up for that, but found out today I am heading out to Chicago for the week!

Hopefully it is nice this weekend!

Saturday Long (longest ever run) Slow Distance Run

Well to start off with, it was freezing out Saturday morning. The temperature had to be around 11 degrees so I bundled up and headed out to meet Jeff at the Methodist Church. He was scheduled for 11 and I was 15+ depending on how I came home.

The run down Cole was very pleasant and felt good to get lose before heading out with Jeff. The one good thing about meeting them while running - I am already warmed up. The down side is I have already started my Heart Rate going and need to monitor food and fuel based on how I feel, not on their status!

So we head down Ellicott and turned North on Davis to 20-A. Pretty good run with some light hills and flat ground to warm up on. At this point we found out Jeff's camelbak was frozen so I loaned him one of my water bottles! 20-A was uphill to Old Transit and that was downhill and then a good uphill to the crest of Jewett-Holmwood. Took that down to the village and headed back up Ellicott towards the church.

We parted ways because he wanted to go faster and I was working on Heart Rate and keeping it at a lower rate to help my base fitness level get higher. I headed up Scherff a relatively low incline level, but a long way up to the top. Ran as slow as possible to keep my Heart Rate as low as possible. Got to the top and took some water from the running club that had it set up. I need to provide for them one day, because this happens more often than not!

Headed home and finished in a 10:40 pace. Just over 2 hours and 44 minutes. The longest I have ever run for sure. Felt good after I cleaned up but I had to head out fast for our basketball game. Need to refuel better at the end of these runs, but all in all felt pretty good!

Monday, February 11, 2008

And then there were 3

Well we added a 3rd to our triathlon training group - Jeff O'Vell. He is a strong runner and should have no problem completing the training at all. He actually made me a little mad with how well he ran the 9 miles that we did on Saturday, but I got over it quickly (maybe!!!).

So we took a run out to Hamburg and back and it was real good. I am still wanting to increase my base fitness level even higher so I am really watching my H/R during the long runs. I would rather take a long time and have a nice low H/R rather than finish it up fast and be out of the proper zone!

Bike Ride on Sunday was done at the YMCA. It was snowing, 20 degrees outside with 20-30 mph winds making a wind chill of sub zero at times and I was not dumb enough to rish an outdoor ride.

My swimming is coming along and I look forward to my daily training program so no threat of overtraining or burnout as of yet. Need to incorporate a steady rest day though so I don't end up at that point!

This week I am getting outside for some runs and rides no matter what. I miss my mountain bike and really dred the rollers that I have to do instead (like tonight for 1 hour!). I know it will make me stronger, but I still don't look forward to doing it that is for sure!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday Long Bike Ride

Today I set the alarm for 4:00am (the comforts we give up just to get some training in before church) and ate some light breakfast, got dressed and hit the road by 5:15am. I definitely have to work on the time out of the house, because this put a limit on how much riding I actually got to do later on.

I headed out towards Hamburg and tried to stay away from car areas because I figured the only people on the road at that time were heading to work or home from the bar and I did not want to become a statistic! Got into Hamburg and decided to take RT-391 down into Boston. What a great ride. Stopped at the bank to refuel and headed out to South Boston. Contemplated heading down into Springville, but common sense took over (drunk drivers again) and I headed back up to Hamburg.

Got into Hamburg and headed north towards Hamburg High School. Cars in the parking lot (maybe a Master's Swim Club???? - Need to check on that!) cut up South Park and headed home down Powers and Armour Duells.

Got 42.5 miles in but towards the end my right leg (behind my knee) was hurting when I pulled up on the pedal. Got a little worried about that so I took it easy. I kept my Heart Rate down in the Z2 range (just what I wanted to do!) until I hit Cole Road but that is alright.

Great Ride altogether. Need to work on accessing food and water on cold days to make refueling faster to get more time on the bike in! Very pleased with progress overall!

TRANSIOWA V4 is coming sooner rather than later - the bike is your friend!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Morning Long Run

Well I have a new training partner -Pastor Todd! It was cool running with someone finally. I believe this is the first time ever (except the 1mile jog Amelia and I took together!). We are doing the program 4 hour Marathon in 4 months. Today was a LSR of 7 miles, but my Nike program called for a LSR of 14 miles so I ran over to the park and met him, did 7 miles, and ran home for a total of 13 miles!

I felt good all the way, but Chestnut Ridge Road is a bear!!!!! My heart rate got too high so I walked again after Todd and I split up at the park entrance. I needed to get some food and gel in me also so I downed the other half of my ClifBar and a gel pack for the 3 miles home. It got me home, but I did not feel as strong as I would have liked to!

So I will continue to work on my endurance and continue to get stronger. I ran a total of 39 miles this week - by far the most ever! Tomorrow is a bike day (50 Miles Hopefully!). Feel pretty good so far about my training, but I know I need more time on the bike!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Long Distance Slow Run

This morning I woke up at 5:00am to head out on my marathon training long run. It was pretty cold out (13 degrees) when I left so I was scrambling to find another pair of long johns to wear after yesterday. I could not find the because they got mixed up with clean and dirty clothes so I left with only my running tights on my legs and I had a workout shirt under my Patagonia Cap 3 shirt, under my running jacket, and finally under my North Face Running jacket (lightweight and provides storage for my mp-3 player and cell phone!).

Grabbed my bacalava and hat this time (need to remember this for my bike rides) and head lamp and headed out. My plan was to run 60 minutes downhill and then have 80 minutes to run back up hill. I figured at 10 min mile pace I could get 12 miles in. I hit the library in town at 60 minutes so I took a gel and some water and turned around. There is almost a 500 vertical foot difference from home to the library and I was working on keeping a good low heart rate so I wanted to go slow up the hill home (maybe even having to walk depending on what my Heart Rate did).

Two weeks ago I almost bonked 1 mile from home so my plan was to take another gel just past Chestnut Ridge Park overpass so I would have enough energy to get home. I hit the bottom of the hill and my Heart Rate just jumped up so fast I decided to walk up the hill. Felt strange walking, but I know it was the best idea! I hit my 2nd gel point and took that in and started running again.

Made it home feeling good. My overall speed was not the greatest, but that is alright - it was about the heart rate.

I will definitely work on getting everything together the night before so I can get out of the house faster for sure! My hydration and gel consumption worked out great. I just need to focus on better stretching, but I am happy with my progress so far.

Next week another 40-50 mile bike ride and 14 mile run on Sunday.

Have a great day!

Saturday Morning Mountain Bike Ride

Today I took off for Springville on the Bianchi. I took Rt-240 down and decided to come back up Rt-391 (which was much more enjoyable!!!). I had a lot of problems with my CamelBak freezing in the mouthpiece area. I had to stop a couple of times on the way to adjust that and my bacalava to keep my forehead from freezing! It was around 15 degrees when I started and thank goodness there was no wind to add to the cold temperature.

I made it down to Springville in about 1 1/2 hours with the stops I had to take and decided to grab some hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts since on my rides I will be stopping periodically to refuel. Had some fun conversations with a couple of people asking me where I was riding from and telling me to be safe and to have fun. Once I got moving again I was shivering from being cold again. Next time I will not stop that long for sure!

So I headed over to Springville-Boston Road (Rt-391) and headed back home. This was a fun ride. Not any large hills so I could keep my heart rate in a good range for a long time. Then the decision came - How do I go home and by this I mean which hill will I ride up. I live at the top of the hill and no matter what when I leave for a long ride or run I get to head downhill at first, and then the finish is always which hill up.

I was going to ride 50 miles but got a late start and had to clean up for the basketball game that afternoon, so I cut it short. I decided to head up Herman Hill Road. I purposely went slower than I could have to keep my heart rate lower. I crested out on the hill and cruised the remaining relatively flat portion home.

As I got off the bike my left hamstring cramped up! That stunk. I did a lot of stretching and took the bike downstairs to start the clean off process. A lot of road grime was on the bike and my clothes so I cleaned them up and headed off for basketball after my world famous smoothie. Ask me for the recipe someday and I will share it with you! I also polished off a chicken taco before the game for good measure. I earned it!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Interval Training for Upcoming Marathon

Well this morning's workout rocked!

I was on the dreadmill (thanks BT member for this term!) at the local establishment and I started off warming up at 6.0 (flat) for 1.5 miles. Next 1/4 mile I would up to 8.0 and drop to 5.0 for a quick recovery and then back up to 6.0 to finish out 1/4 mile. This went on to 3.0 miles when the treadmill stops.

So I restart and hit 6.0 for 1/4 - then bump up to 8.0 again. I do my recovery 1/4 and I decide to skip next 1/4 mile high to save it for the end. So I go flat to 6.5 and start feeling it! I still have not figured out how to feel "it" a lot more often, but that is for another day! I go to 7.0 and picture Rocky in Rocky 5 climbing the mountain in Siberia (Wyoming actually!) and think of Robert DeNiro calling Cuba Gooding jr. Cookie in their Navy Diver movie.

I start yelling at myself silently, calling myself cookie. Telling me to get my a** up that hill. I go to 8.0 and am just feeling it totally. This was the greatest feeling in the world. I am yelling at myself so loudly, yet so silently because I did not want to scare people, that I kick it to 8.5 and go to 5.0 on the incline. I am flying up that hill. Cookie is going to make it to the top of that hill if it kills him. Pushing and pushing I peak it. Drop back down to 5.0 for a recovery. My H/R was 192 but I felt great! So I hit the 3.0 mile mark (I always warm up the first .10 mile so I have to finish at 3.10) and am feeling good again so I jack it up to 9.5 for the final sprint.

Guess what? No one caught me!

What an awesome workout. Took a celebratory light swim in the pool also. I earned it! Now to see how I feel tomorrow. Doing alright so far!

Keep it up Cookie!

Monday, January 21, 2008

1 Mile Swim


First time ever I did a 1 mile swim!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to let everyone know! I am psyched!

My Single Speed Bianchi

Well here is my tool of choice - I love this bike! It was taken in Jim Thorpe, PA over the summer.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Long Run

Well today I was going to go outside and add to my crappy weather challenge points - 12 degrees/25mph winds/light snow - would have made for a great score with a 12 mile run, but common sense took over and I headed to the YMCA for a track/treadmill workout.

The place was crazy. I started on the track which I never do in the morning and did 3 miles at 10 min miles. Wrapped that up and hit the treadmill for 3 miles at a little faster pace, but not much. Went back out to the track because we are only allowed 30 minutes on the treadmill and I generally follow rules! Did 3 miles again at 10 min miles and headed to the treadmill -yeah right. Back out to the track. Finished up with a slightly faster pace than 10min miles but not much. Felt great and I could have kept going.

To keep me going I took a gelpack every 3 miles with water and just plain water every mile. Ate a ClifBar at 1hour (1/2) and 1 1/2 hours also. It took a couple of minutes for my blood to adjust but they did the trick!

See you at CrossFit workout tomorrow - Pain is my choice!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Post

Well today I woke up and thought to myself - why not start a blog for your training so my friends can see what I am up to and thinking as well.

I went for a single speed mountain bike ride today. It was snowing lightly when I left the house at 8:00am and it was in the low 20's with a 12-15mph wind blowing. Wonderful conditions!!!!

So I went up Cole to Boston-Colden Road and dropped down into Colden. Used the restroom at a local ski rental store and the owner and customer looked at me and asked if I was riding a bike - I said sure am and walked to the facility. I am sure they thought I was crazy! Went back out and continued towards Kissing Bridge Ski Area. The snow never really picked up until I hit KB. I decided to turn around so I pulled over grabbed a bite of my ClifBar (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk) and gel.

Started back home and it seemed as though the snow was picking up and when I hit Lower East Hill Road I was shocked. I had to take my glasses off because I could not see and there was 2" of snow on the road. I decided to head up the road and told myself if it got bad I would turn around and cruise up to Behm off of RT-240. Needless to say it got worse and I kept going. Had to walk the bike for 1/4 mile towards the upper end of the hill because it was so bad I felt safer (??) walking!

Made it home somehow with snow covering me and my bike! Felt good on the ride and I would just like to thank the couple of people that honked at me and shouted encouragement (I hope) to me to keep going. I felt like a loony out there, but at the end of the day it does not matter how you feel, it only matters what you accomplish!

22.5 miles in 1hr54min-not bad for the single speed in a good old fashion snow storm!

Makes tomorrow's run look so much more enjoyable!!!!