Monday, May 17, 2010

Questions - It is always about the questions

So the first question today is do I do a weekend summary without posting anything from Saturdays ride. I forgot my pictures at home on that laptop. I could not find 5 minutes yesterday to move them to my zip drive and bring that with me to work so what to do?

The second question is why my legs feel alright after doing 173 miles since Friday afternoon when I left work?

The last question is will I be crazy and commute all week or just write tomorrow off to the weather and take an easy day?

Answer #1 - Nope no summary. I will remember photos tomorrow and will do that report and then do a summary on Wednesday - aren't you excited?

Answer #2 - I have no idea because when we first left yesterday my legs hated me for about 20-30 minutes. That could be because I spent 2 hours mowing the lawn.

Answer #3 - Easy day if I guessed right now

See you tomorrow with photos and ride summary - it was a glorious ride!

One other thing - tour website: Send it to your friends if you think they would like to follow us ride 1700 miles starting June 4th in Mobile, AL. There is a list of sponsors that have helped us with logistics or lodging and we would appreciate any support for them if you are need of their services!

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