Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well it is official - I am in for the 2009 TransIowa Version 5.

Here is the link to the blog for the event: http://transiowa.blogspot.com/

So what exactly does this mean? It means a lot of biking to be sure coming up this winter. Coupled with the snowshoe marathon in March this will be a full winter of training! The marathon plan is simple. Just follow the marathon plan I did last year, but incorporate runs on snowshoes to get stronger. I know the biking I will be doing will help with the snowshoeing as well so that will be good cross-training.

I am still going to get in the pool and work on my swimming, but running and riding will be main focus for the next 6 months.

My next goal is to decide which bike will work the best for me in the future. I need a mix for road (selling the Cannondale), commuting (selling the Bianchi and Raleigh), cyclo-cross racing, triathlons, and endurance events. Sounds like a daunting exercise but I know the perfect bike is out there - just have to find it, get the finances together, and make the motion!

If you have any suggestions please let me know!