Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well the weekend came off without a hitch!

Friday was a short ride after I got a bunch of errands taken care of then we took my son to dinner. Got just over 31 miles in on the mountain bike.

Saturday was a rain filled day so we cleaned the house, moved rooms around, found all my missing dress socks, and rode in the rain. We did just over 50 miles and had to change 2 flats on Todd and Jeff's bikes. But I remained solid in that department.

Sunday was crazy busy. Had church with the kids leading worship at both services, had to get our lunch meets for the week, family birthday for my son, then I left and headed home to hit the road. Ended up doing over 40 Sunday with my buddy Bret. Great ride and great conversation.

Monday was 3 hours of yard work followed by a 5 hour mountain bike ride. That got me around 50 miles. So I hit 170 miles in the 4 days, which is a good sign for me on the upcoming tour, because I rode to work today and the legs actually felt strong.

I did have a funny point yesterday. I was riding down Murray Hill road which is a seasonal road and they were doing some patching work on it. I came upon the work crew which had the road blocked so I said hi and road on some rocks in the culvert and went around them. One guy yells you have more b*lls than I do. I thought to myself I hope you are not here when I get back and you see me ride up the road. I mapmyrun.com'ed it today and it was over 20% grade at points. Thank goodness for my granny gear on my mountain bike. The type of hill where you worry about flipping backwards so there was a lot of leaning forward and keeping weight over front wheels.

I should have brought the camera but it was 85 and I didn't want to lug it around. I will get some shots in the near future.

9 days to the tour!

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MrDaveyGie said...

The tour is going to rock.