Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Weekend

Mine started earlier than usual since I took yesterday off of work. I laid in bed until 9:30am (still amazed at that - 7:00am is usually my max but I think my body is getting Tour mode. The wife and I then had to run a lot of errands (and I still have a lot more to run today and Monday) and I was getting grumpier and grumpier as the morning turned into early afternoon. One last key errand had to be run - dropping Ice Cream Sandwiches off for my son's 12th birthday party at school. His teacher gave us rave reviews of him as a young man and I was a very proud dad at that time.

We flew home, unloaded the vehicle, and I started seeing who was riding or not. I had a lot of interest in dirt riding at Sprague Brook but 2 people wanted to ride so I hit the mud on the snowmobile track for a while before we met up on the road. I forgot the camera but I got an easy 31 miles in on the 29'er Felt and then headed home for birthday dinner with son.

Today is rainy so I guess I will get wet on the bike and tomorrow we have the family portion of his birthday again. Remember when birthdays only lasted 1 day???? After that I am riding and I promise Sprague Brook that I will be there Monday with bells on!

I wonder if on my tour it would be odd for me to find a mountain bike to rent for the day on our off days and ride some dirt then as well. I enjoy asphalt but dirt and gravel is my true love!

Have a great weekend everyone and remember it is free to sign up to follow us on our Tour. We will be blogging daily as long as computer access is available and hopefully providing some good insights into what God is doing in our lives!

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MrDaveyGie said...

I hear ya, I enjoy the change of ride that riding on blacktop brings but dirt/gravel is a much more enjoyable for me.
Oh my daughter is looking into those "finger shoes" you had on your previous blog.