Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

I have done the major write up so now I shall post some photos from over the weekend:

The weekend started with my son's 12th birthday party with his buddies. We went to the high school field and they played football, soccer, and other fun games. It was nice to see these young boys outside enjoying the beautiful weather instead of withering away playing games inside!

Single track came to play over the weekend. I love riding single track and being on my mountain bike.
This is my training meadow during the winter. It looks a lot different without 2' of snow on top of the grass. I love both seasons but I always miss the other season when it is away - so now I am missing my snow time. The winter picture is the same area.
Happy Memorial Day and thanks for your service to the veterans out there (which I am one of) and thanks for your giving to those that never came home.
The kids after dinner on Sunday night. Yes that is my goofy (but beautiful) daughter hogging the frame and my son comparing his calves to mine - he still has some work to do - LOL
Creek crossing at Sprague Brook - if you zoom you can see my wet tire tracks on the gravel and the single track starting back up across the water. It is awfully low because it has been dry but that keeps my shoes dry!

Sunshine - plenty of it this weekend!
One of my favorite pictures from the weekend. Looking up through the tall tress on the single track performing a perfect sun filter.
Good night - Sunset in West Falls, NY Sunday May 30th, 2010. I took about 5 different shots on the way up the hill but this one stood out.

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MrDaveyGie said...

Nice times and nice pictures. Funny how after I have been bicycling in a season for awhile I start thinking about enjoying the next one. I am glad to be in the land of four seasons.