Saturday, May 29, 2010

I Am Plagurizing (sp?) From My Tour Blog - Sorry :)

Saturday In The Neighborhood

Well which neighborhood might you ask??? I was in about 5 different ones doing different errands getting ready for the trip and then having a great ride followed by some awesome fellowship. I started the morning off heading off to Chestnut Ridge Park for a little trail run to get the day going. Then I meandered off to Lancaster and Tom's Pro Bike to pick up a bike box. Tom has an awesome shop and if you need something stop on by for a look around. Then I booked down to the YMCA for a real short and fast swim. I have aspirations of doing another triathlon this summer if time and my body allows so I work on swimming from time to time since it is my weakest link.

After that I had an awesome fellowship time with some youths and adults from our Sunday
School Class. Nothing like hanging out with teenagers to give you a sense of what fun really is. Thanks guys for a memorable breakfast and PRay I will challenge your 7 pancake record on the tour I promise :). I then headed into the city to get a new bed for our spare room (isn't this an exciting day :) ) and took it home and set it up.

Now the fun begins - Ride time. Took the bike down some hills, up some hills, and realized I needed some public clothes so I stopped by home before heading off to a little get together. I got just over 40 miles in today and loved every one of them. By the way if you ever want to get a good cry in be around your son as he prayers for protection over you and your Pastor on your bike ride after another special lady prayed for the girls that will be protected once this system gets put in place in Odessa. Thanks you two - I was perfectly content not crying all weekend long :) but I still love both of you but Jake more so since he is my blood :).

Time to clean up and relax and head to the most awesome church in the world tomorrow morning.

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MrDaveyGie said...

I used to love swimming almost every morning before work. I quit when I became a single parent and needed to get em out the door for school before work. Been "trying" to get back at it again now that all my kiddies are big kiddies now.