Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Saturday's Long Ride on Tuesday????

The forecast was calling for sunny skies, some wind (shocking I know), and temps in the 50's. Without the wind that would have been an awesome day on the bike, but how would the wind play out - that was the QUESTION of the day.

I headed south towards Ellicottville because they have Pizza Hut Personal Pan Pizzas at a local gas station and I just love those for fuel. Leaving my house I climb up to the highest road point in Erie County and the wind is always worst up there than anywhere else. I cruised down the other side into the valley and had an awesome ride towards my fuel stop.
I passed this awesome cemetery on the way and decided to snap a couple of photos. They must have owned all that land behind it back in the day. Picture that before modernization took over!

Back on the road I took a road that I have never ridden on and was very excited. I love new roads on the bike because things are more apparent than in a car.A view of my new road - nice wind block from hills on both sides and this was a very enjoyable part of my day. This will become a regular staple in my Ellicottville rides from now on!
Fuel!!!!! Yeah. I polished this off pretty easily and headed back inside for a peanut butter cup surprise. $1.19 for a 2 Pack and $1.39 for a 4 Pack. That was an easy decision. 2 for now and 2 for on the road back home. Refilled water and gatorade and headed east towards some new bike roads as well.
I saw this awesome barn on the way into town but didn't snap a shot. This was heading east bound and I was pedaling and shooting at the same time. I hope that is not illegal but I just loved this barn for some reason.

Continuing on towards Machias, my plan was to head north to Wales and eat at the Subway in town and then finish up my 100 mile day fully fed. The wind was fun at times and the road steadily climbed with no major hills - just uphill. I was looking forward to Subway that is for sure.

I rolled closer and saw no cars in the lot. That was strange. Saturday afternoon. Close to lunch time. I figured it would be hopping. Get closer and it is closed. That is not good!!! Plan B is called into action. Ration my last Peanut Butter Cup and just head home. That would put me at 85 instead of 100 and I was quite happy with that!This is the creek close to home. I love riding over this bridge. You can see so many different light variations depending on the weather.

The ride was a success and my legs hate me but I think the tour will be manageable. Just need to make better use of my food intake opportunities!

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MrDaveyGie said...

doncha just love rides like that....that pizza shot just made me hungry