Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wow It Is May

Well life has somewhat returned to normal. As normal as life gets when you are working, have a family with 2 children that believe you are a taxi service, and when you are trying to prepare for a 1700 mile bike tour in 1 month. Yes somehow I don't think this would quantify as normal!

I have been riding and I have been battling wind. It has been windy in this part of the country for about 1 month now. Not much rain but the wind has been relentless. My commute is pretty much south east to north west and the opposite on the way home. The winds have been blowing in every direction and it is just tiring. Mentally and physically tiring.

Last Thursday my buddy who is doing the tour with me and I headed out for a ride. I told him no matter what it was going to stink so we headed due west into the teeth of the wind. We got 25 miles out or so and were lucky to avg 13-14 mph and that was with a high h/r. Hit the turnaround point and cruise home at 17-18 avg and that was zone 1 the whole way!

I got home and was refreshed from the ride home. The legs recovered while on the bike and all was great!

Wind wind go away - I don't want you back any other day either!

Have a great day and I need to bring photos in from my camping/bike trip with my son and do a little write up about that - maybe this will remind me!

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MrDaveyGie said...

1700 miles. Love it. Bill on your blog picture you show a winterized bike with drop bars. I have been thinking about putting them on my snow bike for comfort and better pedaling power. Almost all my snow riding is on trails. Any thoughts?