Monday, June 21, 2010

Check in from Dry Ridge, KY

It has been a strange past couple of days lately. We had a super easy day into Corydon, IN, then a brutally tough day into Madison, IN, then a shorter (55+ miles) day into Dry Ridge, KY which we pushed really hard into because a huge thunder-storm was bearing down on us quickly!

Rural Indiana

My legs have been feeling pretty good, but last night I was sitting on a veranda overlooking the Ohio River in Madison, IN and I just thought that if my wife were in town with a vehicle I would just hop in with her and drive home. Luckily this morning I just got on my bike and headed back out!

My contemplative view of the Ohio River

We had some great fellowship over the weekend with some awesome people. First up was Mike and Joanne in Corydon, IN. Mike and Joanne leave at the end of the month for a ride on the Underground Railroad and I look forward to meeting back up with them in Buffalo when they come through town. They blessed us with an awesome dinner and then we had some great fellowship after wards. I wish it could have continued but we had a long day the next day and needed some rest!

Sunday we met with Mike and Kit who we met at Cave-in-Wind, IL on Tuesday of last week. It was pure and simply a God meeting and we were blessed abundantly by them with dinner and a hotel room in Dry Ridge, KY.

Our Dinner Hosts with us - thanks Mike and Kit

We headed out for Dry Ridge, KY and beat a nice thunderstorm into town. Tomorrow we are off to our first Bed and Breakfast in Ohio - that is right we are 1 state closer to home!

Fog over Ohio River on the way to Dry Ridge, KY

View from Folsom Ridge, KY on the way to Dry Ridge, KY - Tough Hill!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great evening. Get out and ride your bike!

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MrDaveyGie said...

All so amazing. Kudos to following your dreams and visions, and making it all real