Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 7 in photos

The morning sky was dark but we felt it was moving out towards the north (the direction we are heading of course). We got out of West Point, MS and took refuge in a shell station, then a church overhang, then we had hot and humid all the way to Fulton, MS. Pulled in just ahead of some wicked storms - after a lady up the road said no rain in the forecast. Guess she did not take weather 101 because I saw it coming!

The morning sky from our Shell Station hideout!
The church where we took cover. Todd waving to cyber world! We left our card and hopefully they follow us that would be cool!
The history around here is unbelievable. But just think what Europe has on us?
More history
Mission work done back in the 1800's. God has always been at work through willing vessels!

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