Monday, June 28, 2010

4 days of riding left!!!


We have been cruising through Ohio on the way home. Saturday we found an Amish road side stand and grabbed some home made cookies and then about 2 miles down the road we came across an Ice Cream factory with a little restaurant. We stopped, split a Gyro, and ate an ice cream and ponied back up on the bikes for our ride up to Malabar Farm State Park in Central Ohio.

Stream running by our Hostel

So we made it to the hostel and then walked over to the restaurant for dinner and took a walking tour of the farm buildings. This place was amazing. Louis Bromfield, an author, donated the land and the state took it over and are doing a great job running the property. I would definitely recommend staying here if you are ever in the area!

One of 1,000 churches we have passed

There have been so many church sightings on this tour. It is amazing how many different churches there are in the world. I am estimating that we passed 1,000 churches and there have been so many different styles. This is one of my favorites.

Our first covered bridge

We went under our first covered bridge today. Cayuhoga National Park in Ohio was the location and it was cool.

Century Cycles

We stopped at a local bike shop and they took our picture for their blog because of our touring up from Mobile, AL. The guy in the shop was cool and I bought a T-Shirt - Slogan=Define Your Life Ride A Bike

That is my slogan!!

Get out and ride your bike!

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MrDaveyGie said...

ahhhh yes, your journey has been blessed, but you knew that. Almost home from a unforgettable ride.