Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week #1 Recap

One week ago today we were flying down to Panama City Beach, FL and then driving over to Mobile, AL as we prepared to leave the following morning for our 1700 mile adventure north along the Underground Railroad. The first day was as smooth as any day could ever be and we felt confident heading into Friday morning's departure.

Friday we grabbed some breakfast and headed out. We first met Dre and Eldred at the hotel. They are 2 union iron workers working on a new steel plant in Mobile, AL. They thought (and probably still do think) that we were crazy for doing what we were doing and they kept telling us we were rich. Rich in the Lord was our response. What other rich is as awesome as that? Lunch was great at the Stagecoach in Stockton, AL and then we settled in for the night at Little River, AL post office campground. It was not a very restful night because of 3 dogs that felt barking all night long would be helpful to our sleep. 70+miles 5hrs 10min

Saturday was hot right from the start. We knew we had a hotel waiting for us so we pushed off. We made a wrong turn right off the start and I "felt" it was wrong because of the sun placement. I checked the maps and we had to back track a little bit but got back on track. We made it to the Econolodge in Jackson, AL and the staff offered to do our laundry for us - that was awesome. 72+ miles 5hrs 53min

Sunday was a trying day. I knew there was a long distance with no services so we loaded up in the last town and headed out. There is a service station marked on the map and when we got there it was closed on Sunday. Oh boy. Rationing time now. I even called the emergency number to see if the owner would could open up for us but I had no service. We were getting closer to our stopping point so I pushed on ahead of Todd just so I could get some cold fluids ready for us. I made the first gas station and went right to the cooler and bought 2 gatorades and waited outside for Todd to pull in. How refreshing is that after going 55 miles with warm water and gatorade only at your disposal. It was better than nothing though. 75+miles 5hrs 41min

Monday was the long day of the week. We could not find anywhere for breakfast so we made it to Jefferson, AL and had a great chat with the store owner, her friend, and grandson. We got to see some church history with them and then continued on. The one thing that stuck out to me about this was the still very strong prejudice aura that you could sense. We decided that if it is something that you are taught from such an early age that they must think it is right. We wondered if God could even break that stronghold in their hearts. 80+miles 6hrs 3min

Tuesday was a shorter day and we took it a lot easier knowing so. We were heading to West Point, MS and a new state which was exciting. We saw a church that started the year the Civil War ended and just contemplated what the members had seen and done in their lifetime! Amazing. 63+ miles 4hrs 45min

Wednesday was another short day and we were headed to our second night of camping but the southern storms fired up so we skipped that and made a bee line for the Days Inn in Fulton, AL. Nothing like taking rest in A/C and protection from a southern doozy. 65+ miles 4hrs 59min

Be checking back in tomorrow night after our 100 miler. Have a great day and go ride your bike!

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MrDaveyGie said...

That is a lof of pedaling. Good job, I enjoy reading about, would be a joy.