Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tomorrow is the Day

I cannot remember what month we actually started discussing the Freedom Tour but it is upon us. Tomorrow is departure day for Panama City Beach, FL and then we drive over to Mobile, AL.

Good thing we get in early because we have to rebuild our bikes back up, test them out to make sure everything is working, pack all of our gear, get some food, and sleep.

We know we are without lodging Friday (our first day on the road) but we have also heard of a possible situation that we are praying works out. Then we start to rotate hotels/camping/camp grounds the rest of the tour. They are calling for hot temps and thunderstorms but hopefully they miss us for the first couple of days until we get our legs! But at the end of the day we know we don't control the weather and it is what it is :)

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Thanks for your prayers and I look forward to sharing an incredible story when I get back!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like an amazing adventure! Have fun and be safe! I would say stay cool, but being here in MS I know that's not possible!