Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things I Miss About Home Today

We are officially 2 weeks into our tour which is 1/2 way through day wise but we are over 900 miles total so far and we are estimating ending up around 1800 or so. I am contemplating today about things that I am missing at home. It has been a great 2 weeks and I am not complaining one bit, but after being gone from home longer than any other time in my marriage, I feel obligated to mention some things:

My family first and foremost. This is from Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA. We will be riding our bikes by this spot on one of the last 2 days and that will be quite interesting. Notice how pale I am in this photo? That has changed!!!

I am very grateful that they gave up 30 days of time with me and allowed me to go on the tour and I will be indebted to them for a long time to come! I am very interested t0 see what God has in store for all 4 of us, not only the rest of this year but for years to come. I want to see how Amelia develops her musical interest. I am excited to see Jake grow athletically, musically, and scholarly. Jane loves so easily and I want to help her utilize that as a team in the future - something we have never really done in our marriage. And me, well I am just interested in seeing what adventures are in store around the corner - physical and spiritual!

Ahh - the winter. It has been so hot and humid down in the south so far - I look forward to riding my bike in the snow again. Not too soon, but soon enough! I love the feeling of getting dressed to combat the elements and seeing how far I can push myself on the bike that day. I love skiing as well and cannot wait to get Jake involved in that this winter!

Mountain Biking. My true love. This is from the time when my son and I went camping this spring. It was a great time and he is turning into such a strong young God filled man! I hope to do a 6 hour power race and maybe even a 100 miler later this year. I am waiting on the approval for either one but I would love to give those a shot after recovering from the tour.

Well in 2 more weeks we will be home or on our last night before riding into Western New York that Friday morning. It has been an awesome journey so far and I look forward to how God is going to utilize these days and what He has in store upon return.

Thanks for stopping by and in the immortal words of Guitar Ted - Get out and ride your bikes!!!!

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