Saturday, August 28, 2010

Single Speed Century

The family did the annual camper camping trip at a local campground with friends my wife grew up.  I took this year off and decided that I would punish my body a little and go for a century ride.  Not that big of a deal because this is my 6th this year and I have over 5500 miles of riding in, but I decided to take one of my single speed rigs out instead of my gear Vaya!

My weapon of Choice - Felt Breed
I love this bike but there are downsides - 1 bottle cage, no pump holder, no tube bag, so this means that I carry my backpack when I ride the Breed but it is worth the inconvenience because I love this bike!!!  It is fast (except 1 gear holds me back on long flats and uphill), it is light (except my 175+ body weight adds too much weight to it but I love my food more than I love this bike so my weight is going to stay the same!), it is responsive, and it is cool looking!

My home area
I rode 3.5 miles with my son to start - I never said it was going to be all at once did I?  Then I rode to the Y so I could swim some laps before heading out.  I stopped by home because the new computer's heart rate aspect was not (and is not - yes QBP I will be contacting you to see if I can score another one) and then I headed out.  It was an absolutely beautiful day for a bike ride!

Ski Country - My destination
I ran into a logistics problem - I became quite hungry about 10 miles out from my refueling stop.  I had a huge breakfast but delayed in getting on the road and the energy bars I at were not holding up.  I was a little concerned because energy was fading quick and heart rate was going up quicker!  I could have dove into my bento box but I figured I could tough it out and wait - and I survived!

My lunch view
Not a bad view for lunch - devoured a Personal Pan Pizza, 32oz of Ice Cold Dr. Pepper, 1 Liter of Ice Cold water, and 4 recees peanut butter cups.  Had a great chat with a motorcycle tourist who stopped to rest at the same location.  He asked how far I was riding today and I said oh about 100 miles.  I asked him and he said the same.  It was cool he takes all the side roads that I usually ride down so we had a nice little chat, then he headed off, as did I!

A cool looking bride they refurbished at the county line
My energy levels were much better and I had a great ride home.  Saw some awesome stuff and kept turning the pedals over!

Sun Over Lake Erie

Can you critique my fit please??

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.  Get out on your bike and see the sights.  They are much better at 15mph than 55!

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MrDaveyGie said...

Great ride sir....Reeces Peanut Butter cups are the secret weapon to keep from bonk'n.