Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bicycle Maintenance Sunday

So what do you do if you have realized that you are somewhat burned out on biking?

Contemplate why?  Easy answer 5000 miles and it is mid August. 

Contemplate changes?  Easy again, take some time off the bike until you want to ride so bad you will go out on either of your bikes in any type of weather and have a great time.  This is best served riding Single Speed because there is no thought process involved - just crank the pedals until you get home.  I have a SS Cross, SS/Fixie Flip/Flop Commuter or a SS Mtn Bike.  2 of the 3 are ready to ride at a moments notice (Note:  I had the cross on my shoulders getting ready to head upstairs with it but I put it back down - I am very proud of myself).  The 3rd bike was (and still isn't) not even close to being able to be ridden.

So today I decided to get the bike ready.  I purchased some Salsa Woodchipper bars for it recently and had them loosely attached to the stem.  With the new bars I would need new brake levers as well.  Just so happens my Commuter rig has bullhorns now and I had the old hoods hanging around so I took those off and installed them on the bars.  Problem is that mountain bike brake cables and road brake cables have different ends so I need new cables (wanted them anyways!).  I also need new handlebar tape and I am contemplating red for the Bianchi M.U.S.S. just because I think it will look cool!

The brake housing units themselves were pretty beat up from winter riding so I took them apart and cleaned them to the best of my ability.  I now need new brake pads as well but I knew that would be the case also.  One thing I want to upgrade is my chain tensioners.  They have never really been perfect in my eyes and I was eying some surly ones that look pretty cool!  Those need to be ordered so I can do that tomorrow and have them by the weekend I am sure.  That could be my birthday present!

Tubes.  I had to switch my studded tire off and I did so I must have pinched the tube and got a leak in it.  No big deal I have about 4 tubes laying around for the 26" wheels.  Put one in - hole.  Put next one in - hole.  Put another one in - hole.  Take tube out of seat bag - works.  Go to put air in the other tube and the stem had locked closed from corrosion.  No other tubes.  I guess I need some new tubes!

So instead of riding today I worked on my bike which was just as fun - but not nearly as aerobic though.  No complaints from me.  Off to Bootcamp Class tomorrow morning and I shall commute on Tuesday most likely (if my body wants to!).

Hope you all had a great weekend and got to ride your bike.  Not being on mine caused great jealousy whenever I saw a biker on the road, but the body knows best so I just told myself that they were not having fun - but they were and I am still jealous!

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MrDaveyGie said...

Hmmm, good thoughts Bill, we think the same. I sometimes think of a needed break, sometimes my legs feel shot, and seems by the third day, I can't take it, and hop on the bike.