Friday, September 10, 2010

Phoenix Hiking

Well this has been a pretty busy week and I was in Phoenix last week and did some hiking so I took some pictures with my cell phone, sent them to Facebook, copied them to my laptop, and am now bringing them to you for a close up look of Camelback Mountain in suburban Phoenix, AZ.

That is me at the very top
I arrived in town on Wednesday afternoon and headed over to my work site.  That took a couple of hours and then I headed out to explore Camelback Mountain.  I set my GPS to the main trail head, arrived to the sight of a Park Ranger Truck blocking the entrance, was told a rescue was in progress and to head over to the other trail head.

Suburban Phoenix

Off I went and up I went.  It is 1.5 miles and about 1200' of vertical gain so my legs and lungs were burning pretty quickly.  Saw a lot of people and just enjoyed the climb.

The weekly destination
On Thursday I had a little more time so I headed to the main trail head, climbed up, came down the way I went up the afternoon before (got stung by a nasty wasp on the way down also which was not fun), and ran 3.0 miles back to the car.  Man was that a brutal brick and it was stinking hot!

Stairway to Pain
Friday brought me to my departure flight but I had 1-1.5 hours to spare.  So I booked up and back down the main trail head.  This was around noon and it was about 110 or so out.  Very hot but dry!!!!

This was a great workout and some nice cross training.  I love hiking and climbing around and even took my son over to our local park for some hiking over Labor Day weekend.

I just spent 10 days off the bike but have some pictures to post from today's return ride.  That is what they call a tease folks.  Stop back this weekend when I post again :)

Thanks for stopping by and get outside this weekend!

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MrDaveyGie said...

Yikes, that is hot!!! Nice Pics.