Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Response To A Difficult Question - Why?

Jill's blog got me thinking yesterday a lot about that simple question.  Why?

I posted the following response to her question:

Very profound - Why? Great question that many ponder and hopefully never answer because once the answer is found I believe the drive will be lost!

I honestly believe that!  If you ever really answer the question of Why then all your drive will be gone and you will stop pursuing that never answerable questions answer (does that even make sense?)!  I don't have an exact answer because when we were doing our Freedom Tour this summer we had many question us as to why and we had an answer because we were doing the Freedom Tour for a cause!

So does that make my response wrong because I knew WHY I did the Freedom Tour?  But I honestly don't know why I ride my bike or run or swim or lift almost every day.  Sure I do it to stay in shape and because I enjoy training but there is no honestly reasonable answer as to why I desire to ride my bike in Iowa for 300+ miles or across northern Minnesota doing the Arrowhead 135 in most like sub-zero temperatures.  How about why, if I could run further than 3 miles without pain, I would love to train to do a 100 mile ultra run and then qualify for the Western States 100.  Or possibly learn how to swim strong enough to swim the English Channel.

Or how crazy is it that I would love to move to Iowa/Minnesota/Wisconsin area just because of all of the gravel races and winter races they have out there and the better winter snow riding and cross country skiing conditions that exist compared to Buffalo.  Or the fact that I would love to move next door to Sprague Brook Park so that I would have instant access to the best trails in Erie County since I doubt my family would agree with me on moving somewhere were they know no one.

Maybe you do know why and care to share with us?

Whatever the reason or contemplations that come from this - go out and ride your bike!

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MrDaveyGie said...

Same drive, same nonanswer, always had it.

There was an exmarine, that took small writing jobs for Bicycling magazine and remained single so he could ride 20,000 miles a year. When asked why he rode like that he gave this satarical answer.

So I can have lungs with the volume as an air matress.
A butt as hard as a brick.
And a brain the size of a BB