Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Bike Trip to the Farmer's Market

The View from The Farmer's Market

It was supposed to rain today so I really had not planned on riding.  I figured it would be a good day to start a bathroom renovation project and do some errand running as well.  So I planned on swimming after church, then errands, the running real quick, and finally working on the bathroom.

I hit the pool and saw a beautiful day outside.  I figured it would not last so I hit the deli.  It was still beautiful!  I hit my Fav Store (Red Bullseye is all I am saying) and came outside and it was still beautiful.  I hit the park for a trail run and it was beautiful there (but it is always beautiful when I am trail running at the park!

Fresh Tomatoes anyone?
I had one last stop to make and it was the farmer's market for some fruits and veggies.  I came up with a brilliant idea - RIDE MY BIKE THERE!  You see after I finished the tour I stripped the Masi down and am trying to make her light and fast.  Yesterday my LBS gave me 2 free tires for her (they were demos and he was glad to get ride of them but I was quite happy to receive them) and I put them on last night.  The fenders are off, the racks are off, and about the only thing left to remove are the cross brakes but I am not too worried about those right now.

I wanted to see how much quicker she was so I headed out for a harder type ride even though my legs have been trashed lately.  I hit some hills, powered her out to the market, and loaded up the backpack!

Zucchini, Eggplant, Squash, Tomatoes, and a lot of Fruit
So I headed home with a much heavier load than I left with.  Made for a little slower goings and it was still beautiful out.  The temp was higher than they called for also so I had to make a stop for more liquid which I was not planning on doing but no big deal.

I love when they get it wrong.  My legs are sore and I have to do a little work on the commuter rig for tomorrow but it is August and I had visions of snowmobile trail riding today - I cannot wait but I am loving this weather while we have it!

Have a great week and please ride your bike - it is so much fun!!!!


MrDaveyGie said...

That bike just does it all, from extensive touring to the grocery getter. Ya gotta love em.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I rode my bike a lot this w/e! 93 miles of hills and 50 flat!