Friday, August 27, 2010

Single Speed Mountain Bike Ride

My riding has been very limited this week.  Well actually all of my training has been limited because I am trying to work back into a 3 heavy 1 light workout week and this is my first light week.  Well that is until tomorrow when I am planning on a century ride on my Single Speed Cross bike.

So when I got home early yesterday the wife was working and we had no plans and I asked permission for a 2 hour max ride.  She approved and I headed out.

My Single Speed weapon of choice
I took the mountain bike because I figured with the new chip seal down in the area I could save some hassle and then I could hit the park for some dirt riding.  It was a blast but the legs are definitely tired after a long year of training (and it is still just August!).

Big waterfall huh?
My local park is a haven for me and I have most of it all to myself whenever I head over there.  Periodically I will pass people on the trail but not very often.  In the winter it is even more abandoned and all mine!  Thanks Erie County!!

My cool bridge shot
So I rode around on the dirt, cracked my knee on the handlebars, and headed to flat asphalt cruising before heading home.

Flat or Hill??
So I came to my option point and I asked the legs - Do you feel froggy?  They said no so I went flat besides my always climb home - some hills are just easier than others.

Should have a lot of pictures tomorrow from my century - Get out there and ride your bike!!!!


MrDaveyGie said...

You were a good boy and asked for permission. :-)

My rides also often do not see another rider. Which amazes me, it so beautiful out there, and I have it all to myself, just doesn't seem right.

Jennifer said...

Have a great ride today!