Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Morning Long Run

Well I have a new training partner -Pastor Todd! It was cool running with someone finally. I believe this is the first time ever (except the 1mile jog Amelia and I took together!). We are doing the program 4 hour Marathon in 4 months. Today was a LSR of 7 miles, but my Nike program called for a LSR of 14 miles so I ran over to the park and met him, did 7 miles, and ran home for a total of 13 miles!

I felt good all the way, but Chestnut Ridge Road is a bear!!!!! My heart rate got too high so I walked again after Todd and I split up at the park entrance. I needed to get some food and gel in me also so I downed the other half of my ClifBar and a gel pack for the 3 miles home. It got me home, but I did not feel as strong as I would have liked to!

So I will continue to work on my endurance and continue to get stronger. I ran a total of 39 miles this week - by far the most ever! Tomorrow is a bike day (50 Miles Hopefully!). Feel pretty good so far about my training, but I know I need more time on the bike!

Talk to you tomorrow!

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