Monday, February 18, 2008

Saturday Long (longest ever run) Slow Distance Run

Well to start off with, it was freezing out Saturday morning. The temperature had to be around 11 degrees so I bundled up and headed out to meet Jeff at the Methodist Church. He was scheduled for 11 and I was 15+ depending on how I came home.

The run down Cole was very pleasant and felt good to get lose before heading out with Jeff. The one good thing about meeting them while running - I am already warmed up. The down side is I have already started my Heart Rate going and need to monitor food and fuel based on how I feel, not on their status!

So we head down Ellicott and turned North on Davis to 20-A. Pretty good run with some light hills and flat ground to warm up on. At this point we found out Jeff's camelbak was frozen so I loaned him one of my water bottles! 20-A was uphill to Old Transit and that was downhill and then a good uphill to the crest of Jewett-Holmwood. Took that down to the village and headed back up Ellicott towards the church.

We parted ways because he wanted to go faster and I was working on Heart Rate and keeping it at a lower rate to help my base fitness level get higher. I headed up Scherff a relatively low incline level, but a long way up to the top. Ran as slow as possible to keep my Heart Rate as low as possible. Got to the top and took some water from the running club that had it set up. I need to provide for them one day, because this happens more often than not!

Headed home and finished in a 10:40 pace. Just over 2 hours and 44 minutes. The longest I have ever run for sure. Felt good after I cleaned up but I had to head out fast for our basketball game. Need to refuel better at the end of these runs, but all in all felt pretty good!

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