Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Long Distance Slow Run

This morning I woke up at 5:00am to head out on my marathon training long run. It was pretty cold out (13 degrees) when I left so I was scrambling to find another pair of long johns to wear after yesterday. I could not find the because they got mixed up with clean and dirty clothes so I left with only my running tights on my legs and I had a workout shirt under my Patagonia Cap 3 shirt, under my running jacket, and finally under my North Face Running jacket (lightweight and provides storage for my mp-3 player and cell phone!).

Grabbed my bacalava and hat this time (need to remember this for my bike rides) and head lamp and headed out. My plan was to run 60 minutes downhill and then have 80 minutes to run back up hill. I figured at 10 min mile pace I could get 12 miles in. I hit the library in town at 60 minutes so I took a gel and some water and turned around. There is almost a 500 vertical foot difference from home to the library and I was working on keeping a good low heart rate so I wanted to go slow up the hill home (maybe even having to walk depending on what my Heart Rate did).

Two weeks ago I almost bonked 1 mile from home so my plan was to take another gel just past Chestnut Ridge Park overpass so I would have enough energy to get home. I hit the bottom of the hill and my Heart Rate just jumped up so fast I decided to walk up the hill. Felt strange walking, but I know it was the best idea! I hit my 2nd gel point and took that in and started running again.

Made it home feeling good. My overall speed was not the greatest, but that is alright - it was about the heart rate.

I will definitely work on getting everything together the night before so I can get out of the house faster for sure! My hydration and gel consumption worked out great. I just need to focus on better stretching, but I am happy with my progress so far.

Next week another 40-50 mile bike ride and 14 mile run on Sunday.

Have a great day!

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