Friday, February 29, 2008

Saturday Feb 23rd Long Run - 13 Miles

Well we hit 13 miles on the training plan today. I have done it 3 times now plus 1 15so I felt confident but I wanted to work my heart rate and keep it as low as possible while still working in the 10:30 - 11:15 mpm rate. Jeff went out fast (like always!) and I stayed with him most of the way but then at the 9 mile point my h/r was going out of the zone I wanted to keep it in so I let him go ahead.

At 2 hours I decided it was time to push myself a little and did the last 15 minutes at a substantially higher heart rate but I passed Jeff and ended up doing the total in 2:14:44 or somewhere around there (been busy this week so I am posting on Friday for last week - hard to remember!)

The push felt good and it was nice to keep a high heart rate for that long, but I got sick this week and have only ran 1 day since Saturday. An easy recovery run. I am fine with that because I know I have the base. Just don't want to get sick right now!

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