Monday, February 4, 2008

Sunday Long Bike Ride

Today I set the alarm for 4:00am (the comforts we give up just to get some training in before church) and ate some light breakfast, got dressed and hit the road by 5:15am. I definitely have to work on the time out of the house, because this put a limit on how much riding I actually got to do later on.

I headed out towards Hamburg and tried to stay away from car areas because I figured the only people on the road at that time were heading to work or home from the bar and I did not want to become a statistic! Got into Hamburg and decided to take RT-391 down into Boston. What a great ride. Stopped at the bank to refuel and headed out to South Boston. Contemplated heading down into Springville, but common sense took over (drunk drivers again) and I headed back up to Hamburg.

Got into Hamburg and headed north towards Hamburg High School. Cars in the parking lot (maybe a Master's Swim Club???? - Need to check on that!) cut up South Park and headed home down Powers and Armour Duells.

Got 42.5 miles in but towards the end my right leg (behind my knee) was hurting when I pulled up on the pedal. Got a little worried about that so I took it easy. I kept my Heart Rate down in the Z2 range (just what I wanted to do!) until I hit Cole Road but that is alright.

Great Ride altogether. Need to work on accessing food and water on cold days to make refueling faster to get more time on the bike in! Very pleased with progress overall!

TRANSIOWA V4 is coming sooner rather than later - the bike is your friend!

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