Monday, February 11, 2008

And then there were 3

Well we added a 3rd to our triathlon training group - Jeff O'Vell. He is a strong runner and should have no problem completing the training at all. He actually made me a little mad with how well he ran the 9 miles that we did on Saturday, but I got over it quickly (maybe!!!).

So we took a run out to Hamburg and back and it was real good. I am still wanting to increase my base fitness level even higher so I am really watching my H/R during the long runs. I would rather take a long time and have a nice low H/R rather than finish it up fast and be out of the proper zone!

Bike Ride on Sunday was done at the YMCA. It was snowing, 20 degrees outside with 20-30 mph winds making a wind chill of sub zero at times and I was not dumb enough to rish an outdoor ride.

My swimming is coming along and I look forward to my daily training program so no threat of overtraining or burnout as of yet. Need to incorporate a steady rest day though so I don't end up at that point!

This week I am getting outside for some runs and rides no matter what. I miss my mountain bike and really dred the rollers that I have to do instead (like tonight for 1 hour!). I know it will make me stronger, but I still don't look forward to doing it that is for sure!

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