Monday, July 12, 2010

Why I Ride My Bike

So this morning on my way into the office I started to contemplate the reasons why I rode my bike as much as I do. The past 2 commutes have provided an unbelievable sunrise and I got a photo of it today but it was not the opportunity I was hoping for and that triggered my mind to go off onto a Bill tangent - so Bill just what is/are the reason/s that you ride your bike so much?

Do I have a Top 10 list or a Top 100 list? I don't know - I will pose some reasons and see how far along I get!

#1 - To be compared to Chuck Norris by people in our church Youth Group - I would post the link but you can only see it if you are friends with my daughter so you just have to take my word for it!

#2 - To have calves that glisten in the light because they are so muscular (My wife said this not me - I cannot see my calves and I would take a picture but I think that would be just wrong - you will just have to go on a bike ride with me someday to see for yourself - but wear your sunglasses)

#3 - To be ready for the phone to ring and your friends to say hey I am going on a bike ride do you want to come along? This seldom happens because only 4 of my friends ride bikes. You might think wow that is not that many but you have to realize besides my family I have 5 total friends. You would think an 80% bike ride friend rate would result in more bike rides with these friends but it just doesn't work out that way. Case in point - besides the tour I rode with someone for the first time yesterday since May!

#4 - To take photos - see above. But I am so far below GNAT's ability with the camera. If you love photos look at his sight - amazing!

#5 - To come up with witty banter like Fatty (Elden). But I do not have that ability and my mind wanders so much that I had a list of 10 on the way into work this morning and forgot them all!

#6 - To train for rides that people put on in the middle of Iowa that are suicidal in nature but so much fun you just want to keep going back or do his other ride in the middle of summer but thankfully I just came back from 30 days away from the family and that means no weekends away.

#7 - To dream of riding in Alaska or Montana where Jill came from and lives at now. Her blog is out of this world and if you like good writing (which you might not since you are reading mine) I would definitely take a look at her penmanship!

#8 - This one is in all sincerity - To pray for friends and family. I find my time on the bike to be a wonderful connection with God and He puts all sorts of needs into my mind to pray for. Dave just lost his mother and he has taken up a lot of space recently. The list is so long and if I know you, most likely you have been prayed for while I have been pedaling around!

#9 - Because I have a deep desire to ride the Tour De France someday and I will look back on this as my training ground. I know I am 43 (soon to be 44) but Lance did it at 37 and I want to top that! One problem I don't do enough intervals, I don't do enough Hill Sets, and I don't do enough nutrition watching so I doubt this will ever happen.


Get out on your bike and go for a ride!


Catherine said...

You go Bill!! I also love bike rides, especially when I take my dog along with me. We use our Springer America bike attatchment so that he can run along beside me as I go on bike rides through our neighborhood, in parks, and through bike trails. Bill, if you have a dog, you should definitely look in to getting a bike attatchment so that you can add "Seeing the joy in your dog's face when we go on rides together" to your reasons your love riding your bike!! Check out the Springer America website at

MrDaveyGie said...

Bill, thank you so much for reason #8, I so appreciate.

Reason #10 sums all of this up.


Keep on riding bro.

GNAT said...

Hey, thanks for the kind words and the link. Good job with your blog. Keep riding and sharing your story.