Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1.5 Hours of Ascent + 20 Min Decent = AWESOME!

This week I was in California on Monday and Tuesday. I could not get out of town until Afternoon on Tuesday so after I finished up Monday I headed up to Big Bear Lake, CA for some mountain biking.

What an awesome area for mountain biking and I will definitely return there someday for a longer visit with much more dirt riding as well.

The sunrise on Tuesday morning over Big Bear Lake

I snagged a quick breakfast and headed out for a ride before I had to drive back down to Los Angeles for my flight home. I picked out a trail that would take me to the top of the ski area but I had to start at the bottom first!

Base Camp operations - all is quiet on this beautiful July morning - bet this place is hoping come winter time!

I had no knowledge of the area besides a trail map that I purchased so off I went. I rode up the same area I rode Monday night and took a right on a single track to take me across the base of the mountain. I wanted to get some spinning in because it is 7,000+ feet of elevation and the body was not used to the lack of oxygen since I live at 1,500 feet and do a lot of sea level riding around Buffalo.

There was some hike-a-bike involved and I passed a local who gave me some good news - if you are pushing here just wait until you see it up a little further. Man he was not kidding - ouch and the sweat was pouring off - good thing it was a dry heat!

My view from the top

Well I finally made it to the top after 1.5 hours of riding and walking. Took my time looking around and snapping photos. They were doing chairlift work in preparation for the upcoming season and besides the 1 local rider I had the mountain to myself - at least in my part of the world it seemed that way. I am sure there were all sorts of animals out there laughing at me but they stayed hidden!

30 Minutes later (max) I was at the bike shop returning the bike and getting cleaned up for my trip home.

This is the access road to the single track - at 7000+ feet this just plain old hurts the lungs. I wish I was more acclimated but that is just not the case right now!
A shot to the south off of the peak

All in all - I could see many a trip to Big Bear Lake in the future with my LA trips - much more fun than hanging out in the desert and it's 115+ temps!

But at least it is a dry heat!

Please if you have a bike - get out there and ride! You don't understand what you are missing!

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MrDaveyGie said...

Amazing, the world is great and wonderful place to ride a bike.