Friday, July 9, 2010

1 Week And Counting

Well we have been home for 1 week now and I figured I would do a mini-recap post. I picked pictures out of both Todd and I at different points along the tour. I will provide deep thoughtful insight along the way just like Jill, Guitar Ted, and Crazy Dave do in their blogs, but they are much more eloquent than I am. So I will just post some information and share some photos and hope you enjoy the report.

Todd & I at the Airport - Rock on Twin 6

Number of Miles Ridden: 1802 (per Todd's computer which was more than mine so I will use that number). I get to add 22 miles to that for the ride from the Mobile, AL airport back to the hotel and my ride to Breck's Bike Shop in Owensboro, KY to get my bar end shifters looked at! Total for Bill = 1824

My home state Jersey at Mile 0.0

Number of days I wore a bike jersey = Day 1 (1/2 day) and the last 3 days when I was cold. Other than that it was muscle shirts because of the heat. Rain jacket was worn 3 days: 2 for warmth and 1 because of rain

Our first sabbath - Lunch stop

Amount of food consumed and burned: I have no idea on how to compute this number but I can tell you this I was never hungry during the tour because I ate every chance I got. And another thing I will never have Grape Jelly again in my life!!!!

Break in Coffeeville - we had Powerade though

Number of Flats = 0, Nada, zilch, nil, zero. This is overwhelming to me. Besides a fender adjustment the first day and my bar end shifters we had no mechanical issues at all.

Century Cycles, Peninsula, OH

They did a great write up for our tour and the cause - it is in the link if you click on it above.

Days Finished Early - 2. We skipped our last sabbath and pushed on from Erie to home so we wrapped up last Thursday instead of Saturday and that was a great thing!!

Thanks to everyone who supported, donated, and prayed for us during this time. Awesome does not even begin to describe it all. Someday I might be able to put it into words but for now I just daydream and enjoy!

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MrDaveyGie said...

Geeeeeeepers, no flats? I flatted twice yesterday. I am starting to replace tires and the half way point to prevent flats. I think riding on the rocks makes for flatville.