Monday, February 22, 2010

Snowboarding - Or Something Resembling It - LOL

On the way out to the ski area on top of the hill was frozen fog - very cool!

Just another picture of the soon to be beautiful sun trying to peak through the clouds & fog

Yesterday a local ski area, Kissing Bridge, had a deal that was too hard to pass up. $25 for a beginner snowboard/ski lesson, rental, and 8 hour lift ticket. Now back in the day when I grew up skiing there was only 1 lift ticket and it used to cost $5.00 at Keystone in Colorado. Maybe I am dating myself, but I look back now and realize what a deal that was! Snowboarding was the only option because I know how to ski and he really wants to learn how to snowboard so off we went!

I had this preconceived idea that snowboarding would be simple because of all of my ski experience - boy was I wrong!!!!! We got our equipment and headed up the bunny hill - nothing like seeing a 43 year old on the bunny hill but hey you have to start somewhere! We got about 3 crash filled runs in before our lesson started. The instructors were very good but they forgot to mention one large key to snowboarding until almost the end of the 1 hour session - keep your weight forward not back!
My son on the tow rope - that was an experience in itself!

Ahhh to be 11 again and full of balance and limberness! He did great!

My son up on the big hill - he really did get the idea and I am sticking to skis!

We grabbed some pre-packed lunch in the truck and watched everyone ski/board down the mountain and decided to get back at it. He wanted to let his food settle - I told him it would settle on the walk back over.

The bunny hill was home to our assault for the next couple of hours and then we determined we were ready for the big stuff. We agreed on 1 run and then call it a day and go and rest. The one run took a while but it was all good.

We got home and he crashed so I took the bike out to stretch the legs. Not a real smart idea but it did feel good getting some good riding in!

The sun was out in it's glory all weekend and I got a full dose of 100% real vitamin-d and it was great! Hope you got to enjoy the same!

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