Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our Bodies And Their Engines!

Our bodies are amazing engines the God created. We know when we have to go to the bathroom, we know (or sometimes just imagine it out of boredom) when we are hungry and need fuel for the engine, and we know, although some don't always listen, when we are tired and need rest.

My daily routine usually starts at 4:45 with the alarm clock going off (if snow is blocking clear escape out of the driveway I go with 4:15 so I can snow blow it clear - sorry neighbors :) ) and me hitting the snooze button 1 time. I always have a pretty full bladder upon waking up so after the first snooze I get up and take care of that matter and get ready to leave for the gym. This includes finishing packing my lunch, replacing my laptop back in my backpack, and getting everything out to the car for my escape. A kiss on my wife's cheek and off I am.

The Southtowns YMCA opens at 5:30am Monday-Friday and I try to arrive around 5:20 or so to score a close parking spot. No big deal if I am later than that I just have a longer walk. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday start off with Boot Camp Conditioning class at 5:45 and I do that until 6:30, hit the shower, and then the pool. Tuesday and Thursday I hit the pool first, clean up, head upstairs, stretch, run, lift, stretch some more, and head off to work after cleaning up.

Work goes from 8:30-5:30 right now (or later if we have a work deadline). I usually get into the office by 7:30 or 7:45 after my walk into the building from my free parking spot - scoreboard!!! There is a lot of sitting at work and most of my daily exercise is in the form of walking to the restroom or taking the stairs down a flight or two to other departments.

Head home and then the fun begins. I try to get a night time bike ride in 3-4 days a week and if I don't head right out for that then I am in trouble. Errand running occurs periodically also. Some nights I just don't feel like riding (bad weather is really the only reason :) ) and I will take the skis out into the back woods and do some cross country skiing around the area.

Weekends play out the same pretty much just a lot more errand running and church and Sunday School on Sunday's!

All of this to reach today. Last Friday night I did interval cross country ski hill climbing, Saturday I did the same hill but on my running snowshoes, and Sunday I ran 1.5 miles before church, swam 2/3 of a mile, back country cross country skied for 1.5 hours, and then did my rollers for 30 minutes. I was wiped out.

So long story short - yeah right - I get to this morning and upon leaving the rest room I have an epiphany - I am too tired to work out this morning and I need a break. I climb back into bed and give myself 5-10 minutes of rest and if I fall asleep then it is good, if not I get up and go workout. I crashed hard!!!!

Like I said our bodies are amazing engines and if we listen to them we can fine tune them pretty good!

Sunday brings snowboard lesson and skiing with my son. I am very excited about that and it should be a blast!!!!! Until then - bike riding, running, swimming, and lifting :)

Go Ride Your Bike!!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Ha ha! I know about the full bladder thing! Yes, you are right, rest becomes just as important as everything else. Gosh you have a very intense traing week, I don't know how you do it all the time. Have a great weekend!