Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back Country Skiing

I woke up early Saturday morning to get some back country skiing in at Sprague Brook County Park. The snow won't be this nice for much longer and I have not gotten as much ski time in as I would like to so I took advantage this morning. I was tired, but saw sunshine peaking through the bedroom window, so I rolled out of bed and hit the road!

The author :)
The sun was not out at the park when I first got there and it took a while for it's glory to shine down on me, but when it finally did I was in heaven. I just stood in an open meadow with my face absorbing the sun's light in - refreshing!The sun was trying to sneak out here. This meadow was where I did some brutal interval training. The snow was so deep that if you stood still you would sink 2' under, so I forced myself to cruise around the meadow in a big figure 8 and it hurt!
Deep sunshine and the shadows it causes. I love the ripples the wind caused in the drifts - not much fun to ski through - but they were beautiful to see!
This is where I finally got to break trail. The people before me (yesterday and before) went straight so I turned left and had some fun in the trail breaking mode! Great workout!
So the Indians have dream catchers and I guess this tree has a snow catcher!
The creek that runs through the park. I have ridden my bike through it many times but have never had to ski through it - lol. I look forward to mountain biking there this summer but today was about the snow!The warming lodge. My car was alone at first and I only heard someone cough after I came out of the woods. There is no better place to find solitude than on a Saturday morning at the local county park. Glad my Friday's don't cause me the need to sleep it off on Saturday :)

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