Monday, February 15, 2010

Mid February Status

Well today is Monday and I am wiped out.

The weekend started Friday morning with Boot Camp Conditioning class and it was brutal. Did the work routine and Friday night dinner/errands routine and then decided to go do some cross country ski hill intervals. I don't know how the Olympic Athletes do that - brutal. I am contemplating skate skis though and think it would be easier but still those guys/gals are in fabulous shape!

Saturday morning I did a short ride on the snowmobile trails - the snow was too lose and I was hike/bike too much so I rode the roads and my bike did not have fenders so that was not any fun at all! Then I spent 3 hours at The Hub for our final basketball weekend awards ceremony, all-star game, and coaches vs. last year players. So this meant that I was playing against 17-19 y/o and trying to keep up with them. I had the distinction of being the oldest person on the court every time I was out there. I did alright - no points (missed an easy layup) - but had some very nice assists :)

Later that night after all was wrapped up I got this brilliant idea to go do Snowshoe Running Hill Intervals. Once again this is a brutal workout - snowshoe running on flat ground is hard enough - but add a nice 1/4 mile hill in there and the heart rate explodes!

Sunday morning I had to snowblow the driveway and then did a quick 1.5 mile run. We went to church/sunday school and then I did my Sunday errands (deli for lunch meats for the week!) and hit the Y for a lap swim. Got out of there just in time because some kid had an accident and they closed the pool. Got home, put away the food, grabbed my ski stuff and I headed off to Sprague Brook for some back country cross country skiing.

I love back country cross country skiing. There is nothing like pushing the skis through 1-2' of wind blown powder that no one had broken yet. It is so quiet, so exhilarating, so refreshing! I get out there and I want to move to the Rockies and just go disappear for the weekend: camping, skiing, sleeping, enjoying God's creation at it's finest :)

Got home from skiing and rested a little then I had to run the kids down to Youth Group. Got home from that and hit the rollers for 30 minutes. Did a very hard ride and it felt great. I love the rollers because it makes you focus on your form and balance and is a pretty good little workout because of all the secondary muscles you incorporate.

And today - Boot Camp Conditioning Class and I am dead!

Will have to see what tonight brings - hopefully something with pictures involved!

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