Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Bike Layers

To follow up on the other day's post when I showed my cross country ski layers - here is what I do for cycling in around 15-25 degree weather and a 5-15 mph wind. Any colder or warmer will change it substantially and when I hit those parameters I will post those as well:
This is a pair of wool socks, my ems fleece tights, and a starter long sleeve wicking shirt. I also have my RoadID and Garmin on but those do not provide protection unless it is an emergency!
This is a fleece beanie (which did not cover my ears enough so I will be wearing a different hat in this type of weather in the future - one that covers most of my ears and goes down to my forehead for wind chill protection), a pair of REI heavier fleece pants with nylon around the knee area, and a Patagonia cap 3 1/4 zip top.
My favorite jacket - The North Face Apex 3/4 zip. This has been discontinued and I cannot find anything remotely close to it. It is good wind and moderate precipitation protection. If you know of something comparable (under $100) let me know please! Everything else is the same!
The final addition is my Discovery Channel wind vest.

I have found that the coldest part of this training is the wind blowing on your chest area. My arms and legs really do not get cold so I focus on keeping the core as warm as possible but not overly sweaty!

Outside I put on my balaclava, shoes, Pearl Izumi Neoprene Booties (awesome), Pearl Izumi Lobster Gloves (awesome), helmet with a blinking light on front and my red blinker on the back of it. Visibility is as important as comfort. If you get hit it does not matter how comfortable you were - remember that!

Hopefully we get some real cold weather and I will show you a small addition I add.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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