Monday, January 11, 2010

Layering #1

I decided to start taking pictures of the layers I wear so that if you like to play in the cold weather you can get an idea of what I use and can make adjustments from there.

Yesterday was around 23 or so with a pretty good wind. When it is windy I like zippers so I can close them in a headwind and open them in a tail wind for comfort reason.

This is an Wal-Mart brand Wicking Long Sleeve Shirt, EMS Fleece Tights, REI hiking socks and a North Face hat:
Then I added a 1/4 zip North Face SDS pullover and REI Heavy Duty Wind Pants with side zippers. Don't know why I took the hat off for this one but it stayed on the whole time:

I added a Bontrager Full Zipper Hooded Sweatshirt as my final layer. I wanted the hood in case of a bad wind or heavy snow but could have gotten away with my North Face 3/4 Zip Apex Jacket. In the headwinds I was very comfortable and like I said with the zippers I was in good shape with the tail winds as well.

Next post will be a cold night ski trip which I plan on taking tonight and I can have my daughter take the photos!

Gloves were a light pair of coolmax that I got a local sporting goods store. My half gloves/mittens disappeared and I love those for skiing because I can get at the food, camera, or zippers without removing gloves!


Lora said...

Hey, what a great post. Found your blog off BT. Looking forward to following you...

Jennifer said...

Ha ha! Pretty Funny. I do that every day before running just never thought to document it!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I guess our parents knew what they were doing when we were kids, bundling us up. Never thought we would use it again when we got older and wanted to go out and play