Sunday, January 31, 2010

January - The Recap

We started January off in Florida for a little family vacation. New Years Day was partially spent driving to the Tampa area with a friend that I met doing Trans-Iowa. We did some mountain biking in the Florida rain! It was a blast. We topped it off with some great Mexican food - yummy.

We headed back to Buffalo and then the snow started falling pretty regularly. It snowed quite a bit and I got some nice cross country skiing and snowmobile trail biking in. Towards the end of the month I headed to the Las Vegas area for work and was privileged to see three awesome areas; Hoover Dam, Mojave National Preserve, and Death Valley National Park. I would return to Mojave and Death Valley in a heart beat. The Hoover Dam was inspiring as well but that would be seen with the family in the future, not solo again!

At the end of the trip I stopped off in Colorado to see my family and then the body decided I had done enough training and went sick on me. First the flu and then a pretty good chest cold. In the mean time the weather warmed up and the moisture came in the form of rain so my great snow base disappeared into Ice and Muck - very disappointing.

The last 1/2 week of January the snow returned and I was able to get some biking back in and also 1 nice cross country ski trip. All in all it was a typical month for me and now I need to start ramping up for Trans-Iowa. Under 3 months left and so February and March are going to be high intensity months for me with intervals and boot camp conditioning classes mixed in. April will be long slow recovery rides and then we head to Colorado again before Iowa for some high altitude training - I wonder if it will help as much as I am hoping!!!

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