Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Interval Training for Upcoming Marathon

Well this morning's workout rocked!

I was on the dreadmill (thanks BT member for this term!) at the local establishment and I started off warming up at 6.0 (flat) for 1.5 miles. Next 1/4 mile I would up to 8.0 and drop to 5.0 for a quick recovery and then back up to 6.0 to finish out 1/4 mile. This went on to 3.0 miles when the treadmill stops.

So I restart and hit 6.0 for 1/4 - then bump up to 8.0 again. I do my recovery 1/4 and I decide to skip next 1/4 mile high to save it for the end. So I go flat to 6.5 and start feeling it! I still have not figured out how to feel "it" a lot more often, but that is for another day! I go to 7.0 and picture Rocky in Rocky 5 climbing the mountain in Siberia (Wyoming actually!) and think of Robert DeNiro calling Cuba Gooding jr. Cookie in their Navy Diver movie.

I start yelling at myself silently, calling myself cookie. Telling me to get my a** up that hill. I go to 8.0 and am just feeling it totally. This was the greatest feeling in the world. I am yelling at myself so loudly, yet so silently because I did not want to scare people, that I kick it to 8.5 and go to 5.0 on the incline. I am flying up that hill. Cookie is going to make it to the top of that hill if it kills him. Pushing and pushing I peak it. Drop back down to 5.0 for a recovery. My H/R was 192 but I felt great! So I hit the 3.0 mile mark (I always warm up the first .10 mile so I have to finish at 3.10) and am feeling good again so I jack it up to 9.5 for the final sprint.

Guess what? No one caught me!

What an awesome workout. Took a celebratory light swim in the pool also. I earned it! Now to see how I feel tomorrow. Doing alright so far!

Keep it up Cookie!

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