Saturday, January 19, 2008

First Post

Well today I woke up and thought to myself - why not start a blog for your training so my friends can see what I am up to and thinking as well.

I went for a single speed mountain bike ride today. It was snowing lightly when I left the house at 8:00am and it was in the low 20's with a 12-15mph wind blowing. Wonderful conditions!!!!

So I went up Cole to Boston-Colden Road and dropped down into Colden. Used the restroom at a local ski rental store and the owner and customer looked at me and asked if I was riding a bike - I said sure am and walked to the facility. I am sure they thought I was crazy! Went back out and continued towards Kissing Bridge Ski Area. The snow never really picked up until I hit KB. I decided to turn around so I pulled over grabbed a bite of my ClifBar (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk) and gel.

Started back home and it seemed as though the snow was picking up and when I hit Lower East Hill Road I was shocked. I had to take my glasses off because I could not see and there was 2" of snow on the road. I decided to head up the road and told myself if it got bad I would turn around and cruise up to Behm off of RT-240. Needless to say it got worse and I kept going. Had to walk the bike for 1/4 mile towards the upper end of the hill because it was so bad I felt safer (??) walking!

Made it home somehow with snow covering me and my bike! Felt good on the ride and I would just like to thank the couple of people that honked at me and shouted encouragement (I hope) to me to keep going. I felt like a loony out there, but at the end of the day it does not matter how you feel, it only matters what you accomplish!

22.5 miles in 1hr54min-not bad for the single speed in a good old fashion snow storm!

Makes tomorrow's run look so much more enjoyable!!!!

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