Monday, September 13, 2010

Back In The Saddle

This post is delayed because the computer is fried at home again - so here goes from the tease on Friday!

Took a long time off the bike - 10 days.  First I traveled, then the weather went to pot, then I just decided it was not the time to return, and finally the time and desire returned.

18 Mile Creek Canyon area
So I loaded up the Felt Breed and headed out for some flat land riding.  I didn't want to pound the hills since it was 10 days ago that I last rode the bike.  I headed towards Hamburg and decided I would see what was in store out that way.

My Favorite Single Speed
I took my normal route and then decided that I would turn left on South Creek and see where that took me.  Lo and behold - it took me to some new trails I had never seen before.  I was in heaven!!

Single Track Heaven!!!
It didn't go very far but it is always fun to ride the skinnies on single track and keeping the rubber dirt side down.  Tree roots are always fun to work on balance drills also.  The best part of this trail was that I saw 1 person the whole time.  I will say up to here I had seen 6 riders and 3 of them actually had helmets on.  The other 3 are just not that smart!!!

I see Cross Country Ski Training!
I came back out of the trail, saw this awesome meadow area and snapped a couple of shots.  I will definitely be back!

Tomorrow is another catch up day - Saturday's ride to a green area of Western New York.  My teases are so tempting aren't they????

Have a great day and go outside and burn some calories!

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MrDaveyGie said...

exploring on two wheels, that's a slice of heaven.