Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Goodbye September Hello October

I am still here - just not doing any day light rides that warrant carrying a camera with me.  Actually I am not doing much riding at all right now.  I believe my summer bike tour has finally caught up with me and I took some much needed time away from the bike and hard workouts in general to try and get refreshed for the upcoming winter season.

What made me ride today you ask?  Well I had a dream Monday night that I went back out on the Underground Railroad to do the tour again.  This time I was looking for my soul that I left out there.  It was a very freaky dream because it seemed so real.  I don't like those types of dreams personally but I will add this: being a Christian I believe that we hear from God in very different ways at very different times and I believe it was His way of saying "all is well if you want to ride your bike for Me!" - Like Todd and I did on the Freedom Tour.

I don't know what that means.  That is a question that gives me mind time on the bike.  So when I finally figure it out well I will let you know.

I have done some bike stable downsizing as well.  I sold the touring bike last month and just sold my fixied/SS commuter this past weekend.  Time to switch the basement to our bike repair shop for my son and I so we can learn a trade and make him some extra money!

Sorry about no pictures but I will leave you with this:

Go ride your bike and hear the leaves/branches crunching under your wheels, or run a trail and look at the changing leaves, or swim a pond because the water will be too cold sooner or later, or chop some wood, or rake some leaves with your kids.  Get the blood flowing - there is no better feeling!

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MrDaveyGie said...

Good post, good thoughts, well said.