Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Training - Rain Drop Dodging

So this weekend I had visions of doing 50 mile bike rides in the sunshine and spring warmth of Western New York.

Well mother nature did not agree with me at all so I cut the mileage back and punished myself by doing some hill work around the area. I ended up doing 2 20 mile bike rides but got some serious good hill work in. That is the great thing about my house; if I want to do hills I don't have to travel at all.

First of all I swam more between Friday morning and this morning than I have in any month in my whole life and my arms are dead!

Saturday I woke up and did my swim/run combo workout at the YMCA and then ran our typical Saturday errands. The forecast was for rain all day long so I was mentally preparing myself for a wet ride by taking a Saturday afternoon nap. I then picked my daughter and her friend up from the movies and by the time I convinced myself a ride is necessary the rain had moved out of the area.

I did a loop around our incorporating some small, medium, and large hills. I think my average speed ended up being only 13 mph or so, not that I am wicked fast, but for my avg to be under 15 means there were a lot of hills involved. And it did not rain!!!!

Sunday I had this brilliant idea of waking up at 4:00am and going for a 3 hour ride before church. Well with daylight savings time and the lost hour I thought better and slept in. I had to clean snow of the car when we finally did leave for church so I think it was a well planned sleep in!

Did another swim/run workout after church and then had a birthday party to attend. Took the kid's to Youth Group, went home and put my earlier workout in my BT log, got changed, and headed out for another ride. I was going to go solely flat and on my way down to the lowland I had a great idea - head up one of the bigger hills around and take that to the flat ground.

I did some more hills on the way home and decided I was officially tired!

Today is Mechanic Monday as I have to fix the commuter's flat that has been there since last Tuesday, switch rear racks around, take the studded snow tire off of my Bianchi, clean her up from the winter, and then relax.

So no riding today but tomorrow is a commute. Hopefully I can get some nice spring time pictures to post.

Have a great day and go ride your bike if you have one - if not, go support your local economy and hit the LBS up and buy one :)


Jennifer said...

I think you are doing a great job of keeping up with training even with the crazy weather. In MS we can get some crazy rain, as long as it is warm I'll run, but I am not brave enough to bike in it. Keep up the good work!

MrDaveyGie said...

I got lots of hills here too. I like em. Helps get the heart rate up. Sounds like your on track for TI