Monday, March 22, 2010

TransIowa Training Weekend

So this weekend was a gorgeous cool dry weekend. It reminded me of late September/Early October time around Western New York but the leaves are already on the ground then and they are just getting ready to bud now (if even this early - it is only March 22nd I keep reminding myself!)

Saturday I set the alarm for 6:00am and tossed and turned for a while before getting up, eating some oatmeal, confirming forecast, and getting dressed for the bike ride. I probably didn't get out of the house until around 6:45 or a little later but that is alright.

I forgot the camera though - that is not alright!

Out the door I went and headed off to never never land. No particular direction in mind - just lots and lots of miles (next weekend is my TransWesternNewYork bike route ride so I have a plan for then). I toured West Falls, Orchard Park, East Aurora, Elma, Lancaster and maybe even Alden (depends on where the town line falls for them). I rode flat, I rode hills, basically I just rode.

My plan was to be home by 12:00-12:30 and rolled in around 12:45. My wife tells me Todd (my Freedom Tour partner) wants to ride a little. I gulp, say ok, run my son to his friends house, ate as much as possible in that short of a time, and head out again for a 1:30 meet up at the country store.

I arrive about 1:33 and walk into the store to grab a gatorade and peanut butter cup. Come out expecting to see Todd in the lot but no where to be seen yet. I gulp some gatorade and down the PB Cups and head off down towards the way Todd ALWAYS goes (you know it is interesting story time when someone capitalizes ALWAYS right?).

I am traveling down figuring I will see him over the next crest, turn on Davis expecting to see him just barely down the road, cruise through Jewett Holmwood, determine he had a mechanical and figure I will find him in his garage when I arrive at his house. Well he is not there, but his son is. So we call and he is at the country store. He went Jewett Holmwood to Freeman which he never does unless he is going to see his in-laws!

We laugh and determine to meet on the route I just came down. Hook up occurs at post office, so we head south to Kissing Bridge area. Great conversation occurs and we determine on our way back that pizza has been earned. We pull into Bob's store and grab a slice of pizza, eat it, have some more good conversation, and head our separate ways home. Almost 9 hours on the bike Saturday.

Sunday I realize the sump pump has died. So I go to church, skip Sunday School, head to Hardware Store, fix sump pump, change again, head off to Sprague Brook on my 29'er Mountain Bike.

Forgot camera again :(

I severely under-prepared for this ride! I didn't bring tire bars if I flatted but was not too worried about that because the tires usually come off fairly easy. I did not have enough water/food for the ride but wanted to see how I reacted sort of like in a TransIowa situation! I did a scout trip for TransWesternNewYork ride and did some major hill climbs. Glad I had the granny gear on the bike for sure!

Made it to the park and was going to see how the cross country trail area was for riding - too wet. I turn back around and head home figuring I would cruise up a nice flat stretch but had a headwind the whole way home :(. Took some side turns and hit some more major hillage for our area. Made it home and was done for the day and weekend!

All together just over 130 miles and almost 12 hours in the saddle. More to come!


MrDaveyGie said...

wow, good milage, you are zeroing in on TI. Good job.

Jennifer said...

Yikes! That's a long day in the saddle. Great job. Sounds like some interesting trails too. Cheers!