Monday, March 8, 2010

My Final Snowmobile Trail Ride of the Season :(

Yesterday I set my alarm for 6:00 am to get a short sunrise bike ride in before church. The thought came to me Saturday while I was out riding and decided to hit my valley overlook at 6:42'ish to get some photos.
The moon as I set out from the house - time was approximately 6:15am.

So I decided to do a little road spinning on the mountain bike to loosen up the legs. It felt good just cruising along so I took it easy and did a little more of that. I went out to the my closest far point because the point of the ride was sunrise and I did not want to miss it.
This spot is about 1/4 mile from my house through the woods. Unfortunately I have to ride my bike to get to the trail head but when I am skiing I get here pretty easily!

The sky teased me and so I set off at a leisurely pace. I read I had until around 6:42'ish so I was not pushing real hard and also because my legs were still a little sore from Saturday's workout (and the past weeks - who am I kidding!). I kept looking up and seeing the pinks/oranges but not the official sun so I kept riding.

Well I made it to the point where I knew I was getting close to my location (I had only ever been there at night so I was not real familiar with it) and then all of a sudden I turned a little more due east and the sun was blasting at me through the maple trees. I should have stopped to take a picture but took off in search of my spot.
This was the first spot I stopped to shoot it but I soon realized I had a better location - just had to rush over there before the sun hit the cloud line!

I put it into high gear (on my Single Speed mind you) and cruised through some more trees and then I hit my spot. I was afraid I would have to post hole through the meadow some but I was in perfect line with the sun so I shot away!

This photo made it worthwhile to be awake that early on a Sunday morning. I could feel the warmth on my face as I stared at the light source!

I was quite content at this moment. The sun was warming my face as I stared at it and I just felt a total peace sweep over me. These moments are so special and hopefully never forgotten.
I sat there a little while longer and then decided to drop off the trail and head back home. Going back on the trail would have meant substantial hike/bike and I just wasn't up to it. Plus I would have missed this shot!This is my favorite shot besides the road and telephone line. It looks like the trees are holding the sun up just for me!

I slowed to check out the sun some more and tried to see if the local church would have made for a good shot with the sun and steeple but there was a wing added on that would have blocked the shot so I rode on.

I wonder if people think I am crazy for riding that early in the morning but I think they are crazy because they missed this!

Have a great day!

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