Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sunrise Walk Into Work

A nice picture of the lighthouse and the thawed Lake Erie!!!!!

I think I was officially tired this morning. So I slept in a little, put my beautiful daughter on the bus, and drove to work without stopping at the gym. I got to work pretty early and it was too nice of a morning out to go spend an extra 60 minutes locked inside a cubical so I walked around the marina and cobblestone district of Buffalo and took some pictures.

My first stop was the Vietnam Veterans Monument - These soldiers fought a very difficult war - My heart breaks every time I see a movie or read a story about this time period.
A poem by a veteran they have inscribed by the memorial wall.

The morning was cool so I threw my hat and gloves on, plugged my ears with IPod music, got the camera ready, and headed out. We have some very cool features in Downtown Buffalo around the Marina so I walked around down there and then headed over by HSBC Arena.

Yep the furthest west point of The Erie Canal

So I continued on my walk and the sun started to rise.
Just creeping up over the horizon. I had to keep walking further east because of that building on the left - it kept blocking the sun!!!And the final shot up towards downtown Buffalo from the Cobblestone District. See the cobblestone on the road - they do a crit race here each summer - I have not been brave enough to attempt that but maybe this will be the year!

Have a great day and get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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MrDaveyGie said...

Nice town, I spend a couple of weeks there for classes for software my company uses. Crit on a cobblestone, I bet that shakes a bit.