Monday, April 13, 2009

TransIowa Update

Howdy everyone. Training has been going very good. I have been getting some good mileage in and this coming weekend I am going overnight on the bike to see how I handle that aspect of the race. To be honest with you that is the only part that is worrying me at all. I feel that I have been training very well and logging a lot of time on the bike so hopefully it all plays out for a successful run at the TransIowa.

I have my new ride for it also. Picked it up Saturday and it is a Masi Speciale Randonneur. It was substantially less expensive than the Salsa Fargo that I wanted and for what I am going to use it for will be perfect. Pictures to come in the near future.

Well as training goes that is about all right now. Will post some pictures this week from my rides and the overnighter this coming weekend. Should be interesting :)

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