Monday, March 30, 2009

End of March Update

Downtown Buffalo from Southern Erie County

So training has been going well. I have gotten at least one long bike ride in each weekend and I have the final bike preparations under way.

I put some 700x35 cross tires on for TransIowa and ordered a new set of wheels so I can have them on a set and my mountain bike tires on another set for easy transition. My next move is to get some good lighting and am thinking about switching out either the middle or large chain ring for a larger middle or smaller large ring. Contemplate it for the next couple of days while I ride my current setup.

Me on Green Mountain in Colorado with my rental bike (Wish it was mine for real :) )

I am heading down to Ohio for 2 days this week and hopefully can get some good mileage in without interfering with family time. Should be nice if the roads are dry. If not - I get wet I guess!

This weekend I have Ellicottville as my tentative Saturday destination location. That should put me over 80 miles and then Sunday I will do around 40. In the next couple of weeks I will be doing my night ride to see how that works out.

I feel very confident about Iowa right now and am really looking forward to the race!

See you on the roads!
Actually remembered to take a couple of pictures last time out :)

Lake Erie and the wine country of Southern Erie County

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