Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Howdy Again

Well since my last post (sometime Mid January) I have been to Colorado & New Mexico (and returning again next week) for work (and a little play also). While home the last time, my sister Michele and I went skate skiing up at Breckenridge Nordic Center. This was a great time and the people there are superfriendly - especially my new Half-Mother Mary for feeding me some of her homemade chili after I was done :). That is my sister above. She would not take any pictures of me because I was the better skier that day :)

I also stole my sister's, way too small for me, mountain bike and went riding at Green Mountain. I did something I never knew I was capable of - ride without a helmet. Not the smartest thing but it is not real technical so I was not too worried. Just won't ever do that again!

Then I drove to Pueblo and then Albuquerque for the day. This is a picture from my drive. I miss the mountains when I see them like this. I do not miss having to spend so much time on the highway just to get to the ski area though :(.
Training for TransIowa is going good. Been on the bike just over 500 miles already this year. That number will keep growing with my commutes and long rides on the weekend. One of these days I will remember to bring my camera with me so I can take some pictures and make this blog cool like others out there.
Have a great day.

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